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In the same direction as traffic obey all traffic signs signals and pavement markings alert today alive tomorrow because safety doesn't happen by accident that's traffic on newsradio six ten WYO D. warming up quickly on this Friday morning eighty two now in Hialeah gardens we've got eighty three degrees and Dana beach it's ten thirty one British prime minister Boris Johnson says he has gotten the covert nineteen virus I'd taken a test that is come out positive side I am working from home I'm so price waiting and that's entirely the right thing to do now prince Charles the heir to the British throne also announced this week he is also contracted covert nineteen both men are said to have mild symptoms and are in isolation the queen has also left the city of London president trump saying his highest yet approval rating in the new ABC news or Washington post poll it shows a forty eight percent approval rating since taking office at fifty one percent in the poll approving of how he's handling the novel a novel called coronavirus covert nineteen outbreak that approval number for the president that's the highest he's ever reached in our ABC news poll and it is the first time that more Americans are telling us they approve of the job that he's doing than disapprove in a crisis Americans tend to rally around the president and support and and even in these bitterly partisan times our poll shows there is at least some of that spirit of national solidarity that ABC news a senior national correspondent Terry Moran to poll workers who could be contracted the code the code nineteen virus while working on election day are recovering one person became ill while working at the Martin Luther king community center in Hollywood the other was posted to the David park community center in Hollywood on election day at the Westin early voting spot county staff and the other poll workers at those locations have been notified and officials are asking voters went to another polling location to consider seeking medical advice and even though south Florida's nonessential businesses are closed the Florida derby will run tomorrow at Gulfstream park the race is traditionally a precursor to the Kentucky Derby set to take place without fans meanwhile veteran jockey Javier Castellano was scheduled to race tomorrow but he tested positive for covert night T. on Wall Street the Dow now down nine hundred thirty three points the nasdaq down two hundred and seventy eight the S. and P. five hundred down ninety seven next newscast coming up at eleven o'clock for more on the note corona virus outbreak go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast app for the latest.

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