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Maybe Federal Donald work to get started today It's 9 28 cyber traffic and weather on the AIDS and Jack Taylor is in the W T o p Traffic center. Our accident activity in Virginia's on 66 as you leave the Beltway going westbound. It's almost to the right shoulder, but I think you've got at least one or two authorities there. They're crowding the right lane. So just stay out. Of the right lane. The investigation ongoing in Tyson's has traffic rerouting off seven eastbound near West Park Drive. Westbound lanes not affected. He will find 29 Washington Street up near Hill Wood Avenue. A crash sounds like we may have an event going on in Leesburg. Make Clothes east market between King and Church streets, so opposed to do it for about an hour beginning in just a couple minutes. Now we're good on 95. 3 95 66 East had a Gainesville moving. Well, G W Parkway is fine in Maryland. You're looking good to 70 95 b W Parkway, 50th the Bay Bridge. We've got to weigh operations Already. They started the work on the eastbound span block in the left lane. You've also got the left lane closed on the westbound span. But that is dealing with two way operation. So two lanes east and two lanes west Right now in the district, we had accident activity. Connecticut Avenue with Human Street Northwest. South and third Street tunnel after New York Avenue Northwest. The accident cleanup had been along the right side of the roadway, a reminder multiple metro stations are closed inside the security perimeter. Downtown trains will not stop at the station's Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut West McPherson Square Federal center Southwest. Capital, South Smithsonian, Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. All reopening Friday morning. Marc Train service suspended on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines resuming Thursday morning and you'll find V r E trains not working through Wednesday of this week Theory, however, plans to resume the S schedule service plus Fredericksburg Line trains 303 +07 on Thursday morning. Full list of all these closures on w t o p dot com Jack Taylor w T o p traffic During Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets Temperatures today will continue to rise into the low to mid forties mix of sun and clouds today and a little breezy at times gusts up to about 20 miles an hour as we continue.

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