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They have short term Life Span Baseball player. That ultimately they're the ones going on field. Taking the physical risks that has dollar value that needs to be acknowledge in so alternately the two sides need to understand pro-rated salaries and one hundred percent will not get a deal. Done the players going to have to come off of that and the owners are not going to get a fifty fifty share of the losses with the players because they're taking physical risks and the owners can make it up in the future by just making different businesses next year and they could have expansion a couple of years from now where they can have. A billion dollar franchise be make themselves hold a significant way so the middle ground is off the prorated salaries but the owners are not GonNa get a twenty percent twenty percent split of the forty percent loss. It's gotta be players. Take a ten percent reduction in your prorated salary. But you're going to have to defer some of that money and it will be paid contingents upon whether we have the playoffs or not. If we get there you get the full share of a ten percent pay. Cut Off your salary. We make a deal we move on. I wonder about this looking back on the. Nfl deal that the owners and players struck and what I thought the Players Association did brilliantly was play to the guys that aren't making a lot of money. We're going to get you benefits here. Therefore they were going to get the votes. They need to have this past. You have the haves and the have nots and it feels like Mike trowel or Max Scherzer. Those guys are taking the biggest financial haircut. Where is it feels like the owners or the commissioners playing to the guys who are making minimum here like these guys have to come back Mike Trout or Max Scherzer have to come back? Is there going to be a war between the haves and the have nots inside the Players Association Right? So you're hundred percent right now. I don't believe that that was the owners purpose. Okay in their offer to split the union but it could have been a residual impact of it. Now it could backfire on them because sixty five percent of the players make between the minimum salary and one million dollars. Those players under the owners proposal will play half the season fifty percent of the season and get forty six percent of their pay. They're not damaged that significantly. A Guy like Mike. Trout is gonNA play half the season and get twenty two percent of his pay in so that feels like an injustice there but sixty five percent of the players are Prince Aka. I gotTa tell you. I think the players more tightly united in what the owners gave credit for now. I know you've got a lot of guys out there talking. And they may not be as united from their leadership to contain themselves. But I don't think there's any player that's GonNa look at my trounce say. Yeah you're thirty. Six million should turn into seven million this year. And you should take the bulk of the payback to the odors. All of this in. So I think there's GonNa be a That's why I think the the players respond to the proposal will be like Yep offer. We don't CARE ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. Are Color proposal is not gonNA work off of your system. Your format your structure. We're GONNA come at you completely differently with our proposal. Yeah but I'm concerned about. We're talking to Steve Phillips her host of MLB Radio Network on Siriusxm. I'm concerned about when you start to look at this with guys wanting to come back. This is a star driven league..

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