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This is press play. I'm Madeline brand. We'll take a guess, at which California county has the highest intended number of cannabis cultivation permits. It is not Humboldt county. It's Santa Barbara county. It also may lead the pack in complaints about the fumes generated from marijuana growing. Those upturn noses have been mobilizing in recent months to stop the growth in growing. Joining us to talk about this is Nick Welch executive editor for the Santa Barbara independent Hynek. Hey, how are you? I'm great. Thanks. Okay. Well, first of all, why are there so many cannabis grow licenses in Santa Barbara county? Why does it lead the state in the numbers? This is great climate throwing PR and cannabis apparently really likes to follow the piano, sort of the natural terrain and climate is reason number one. But reason number two is we had a huge number of pre existing medicinal cultivate going on in Santa Barbara. Saudi for medicinal cannabis use. And so when the law changed to allow recreational when the voters approved pop sixty four all these pre-existing operations into so far gray market, Ripois and ready to go, a whole lot of the licenses that we hear about here in Santa Barbara where essentially thirty one percent of the licenses and the state of California are from Santa Barbara county. We have one percent of the population of two percent of the land mass, so it's just ridiculous disproportionate to some sense of statistical homogeneity. So basically a third of all of them are in Santa Barbara county. You're saying and basically from what I understand. It's because the county allowed these medical marijuana growers to be grandfathered into this new recreational with, with Neri any oversight like they just had to sign a one page, affidavit, so you can easily lie about. That. So, yeah, I it was essentially an honor system and you just signed it was really maybe two paragraphs and just I've been here. I've been doing and the county decided Rideau have the resources to track down, if they were or they weren't. So we're just going to forward, these affidavits onto the state as our good, housekeeping approval. When the state decides whether to accept these license applications for consideration. Okay. So they did that. And then, so now they're all these growing operations. Right. Right. And the chief complaint is that all of this marijuana just. Well, the odor is overwhelming odor. Is is the biggest most obvious complaint. There is it's not the only way but in certain parts of Santa Barbara county in southern tip. We have a city happen to rea-, which is may vary by the sea, now it's Mayberry, by the weeds, and you had all these. Greenhouse growers set up shop there in the sixties, and as, as a cut flower industry got wiped out by international trade. These greenhouse rowers may of whom pretty hardcore Republicans, you know, with Ronald Reagan pictures up there their room was, you know, shaking hands decided that the best pass to salvation and evolution laying cannabis. And so they have really led the charge in terms of greenhouse production and greenhouses, you get your show. So you're in constant flowering cycle. It's not like once or twice a year. If constantly flour and events has to top of the roof off the heat. The heat goes out, and depending on where you are what time it really sinks, and depending smelling like weed. No, here's a Joe people actually thought this was a serious conspiracy theory for a while. That there was so much pot growing. That's cannabis growers were planting dead skunks on the side of the road. So people could say, oh, there's that's what you're smelling. The weed, there's Santa Barbara high school Santa Barbara area, high school is located on the main drag it has the most greenhouses highway one ninety two and full while there it was the teachers would come in early in the morning day platforms. It was very intense. I spoke to a woman who lives, very near their Jonas, busy, though. And she was telling me, you know, it makes her eyes burn. It gives a headache, she had to have 'em is her grandkids who have asthma won't come over. And visit so some people claim is really, really intrusive. Other people say it's a nuisance. I or a bother, or I knows it, it really doesn't throw me off my, my strike. Meanwhile, you have all these wineries in the area, and I think. They're getting a little mapped that Yoder might be turning off some visitors like people don't wanna come visit and taste their wines. And by their ones, it's hard to enjoy a glass of wine. If you're being buffeted by heavy duty odors of plant in full flower, now, a little critical, I mean, let's be honest. If one buzz versus the next, yeah, it's supposed voice. And a lot of people have have pointed this out that, hey, when the wine industry post moved here about twenty years ago, they were the pillagers and destroyers of the environment, and they were coming in and clear heading the oath, and there were ballot initiative saves ios his wine industry. Why destroy all the wine industry has figured out how to accommodate as heirs now the ones who are having the furniture of rearranged? I will say, though, that there is sort of overstated, but amongst some of the canvas rollers I've talked to. I have a high handed attitude or hey, you know, we're movie and real use pesticides like they do. And they go really acknowledge it say are disrupting people say are having people move over to make room for them. And I think that, that is part of the problem is a reality. I mean, if you've invested millions of dollars in, in terms of something that can be tasted into taste experiences being intruded on that makes a difference. He other thing here is the speculative pressure. This has on land prices rents, I spoke to a woman up in law, which is very poor town, the north of the county. She ran a children's Jim place and a canvas operation came in and bought the property that she had been renting. She wasn't allowed even to apply. They weren't even willing to consider her. And the rent says HR after she left about ten times higher. And everybody has his ideas is, this is a new gold rush. And they've charging rents accordingly. And really know if question is going to happen or train materialize right now, it's a lot of promise, but there's a liberties have yet to be saying Nick Welch executive editor for the Santa Barbara independent putting about the reservoirs into so much. Hey, thank you very much. So how.

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