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Deval Patrick, Director, Massachusetts discussed on Charlie Parker


Ambassador bill Taylor told the house intelligence committee of a new revelation shared with him by a staff member last week that staff member says he heard a phone call between president trump and ambassador Gordon someone in which the president is heard asking about Ukraine investigations the Republicans are denouncing the testimony as hearsay Democrats were specifically deflated by Republican Jim Jordan declaring that some of the text traffic on this with six different people having four different conversations that was simply hard to fall we got six people have been for conversations in one sentence and you just told me this is where you got your clear understanding I mean I've seen I've seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this now the Democrat her bottle all that is they're relying on second and third hand accounts in some cases because the president is the one not letting first hand witnesses like issues that Mick Mulvaney come up and testify president trump was asked about that call and denied having it he told reporters quote first I've heard of it public hearings in the trump impeachment probe continue tomorrow the hearing will feature testimony from former ambassador to Ukraine Marie your bottom edge eight more witnesses will testify next week well the next democratic presidential debate will have to go on without former San Antonio mayor Julio in Castro he badly missed the minimum quality qualifications that by the party political expert cal Jill said of us abuses Castro failed to catch on even among Latino voters so it's not just short of Anglos that have ignored him his his draw among Hispanics Latinos is is very very modest and I think substantially less than he might have a magic Johnson's as a forty five Castro isn't done with politics and he suspects will continue to see him in a leadership role in the Democratic Party Kerry lucky news or radio twelve hundred W. O. a I mean well another Democrat is jumping into the race former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick said in his presidential announcement this won't be easy and it shouldn't be with everybody trying to get oil and gas from the state's fracking fields to market tons of new pipelines are being built and after one almost crossed over the Edward's aquifer the city's trying to protect the city's water source but city inter governmental relations director Jeff coil says there is not much the city can do local.

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Deval Patrick, Director, Massachusetts discussed on Charlie Parker

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