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Several other Americans were unmasked we know that Susan. Rice lied about it. We know the Obama Administration was doing this. As a course of action like standard operating procedure. What can be done at first of all, Ron? Is it illegal for these officials to unmask an American who has constitutional rights? Know what what you can't do, you can't surveying American citizen without a legal warrant. Right? What's happened in this case is because the FIS accord is. We're trying to make sure that we keep our nation safe against foreign terrorists. When you survey them to warrant you incidentally. Pick up American citizens now what you should. When that happens the American citizen, their name is what they call minimalized right. It's redacted so when you when you see the transcript, you don't know who that is just America's number one. But it is legal for certain government officials. Because when they read the transcript to go, we maybe ought to take a look. Who's WHO's that talking about? This could endanger our national security, right? They do have the right to unmask. What happened in the Obama, administration is I. I really think they use that power improperly and went on fishing expedition through the trump campaign, and through the trump transition. What we saw here Joe was a complete corruption of the presidential transition process rather than a peaceful transition. Transition Cooperative, one a well wishing one we saw corruption of it designed to literally sabotage administration, which began the day after the election and the things that we know. Is that Carter Page who had an office in trump tower was the reason they use to surveilled or wiretap trump tower. We know that happened. It was reported in the new. York Times on on inauguration day in two thousand Seventeen Carter page. Everybody in the government knew was really working with us with working with the CIA he. A Russian agent there's FBI agent that changed his demarcation to act like he didn't know that. We also know that that General Flynn was entrapped. We've got a handwritten note that said Hey. You want to try to get him to like to us, so it's a Ron. What Hell is there to pay I mean the American people who are now finding out about this are wondering. Will anybody face the music because of all of? Of this and you're right. They do have the right to unmask, but they still have to go back and get that right to choose to. After the fact surveilled the person by going through the proper steps by getting probable cause and a warrant, and whatever, and certainly they can't leak it to the media like they did so, what about all that another July? Out There? But but what are your thoughts on what I said? Well, let me talk about. My frustration is being the chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee. We have been blocked from getting information because there's a criminal investigation. Then there's a special counsel. Then there was impeachment and things going on. You know these agencies will give you any information, 'cause you don't WanNa harm possible conviction. When you're talking about these political. Situations, these political corruption cases might rise to the level of crime. The First Five Congressional Oversight Investigations possibly hearings. If you see some activity, that line rises the level of crime refer that to the Justice Department, if the Justice Department is conflicted, then you point special counsel. That's the proper order we did it completely reverse, and here we are three years later, and now we're finally getting the information and the American people are finally understanding. What happened there finally discovering the truth, but this should have all. All come out two and a half to three years ago and we need to reverse that process of the American. People deserve the truth so so now that we are undertaking our investigations. We're finally getting information. I'm working very closely with Senator Graham. He's GonNa. Concentrate on the abuse and just department. FBI We're. We're going to concentrate on the corruption of the transition, the unmasking other corruption and we're GONNA throw ourselves into this, but now we're going to be accused of politicizing this so closely election. Election well, we didn't have the information. We weren't given access to do this when we should have been able to do it, but you better do it now. Because the American people deserve the full and complete trump I was gonna ask you about the accord. It's a it's a US senator. Ron Johnson Great State of Wisconsin. The Pfizer court came out and said darn it. That was bad. Don't do that anymore. I mean that's not a punishment. These people me and McCabe and whoever it was. Was that signed? These fights award a lot of them did. They knew that they were in contempt? They knew that they were lying. Why can't they be called? Upon contempt of court and actually faced music again me is on twitter acting as if he's somehow a saint sent from heaven. It's very weird to watch struck and page walk around acting like they're. They're victims. Somehow when each and every one of these people lied or or deceived or actually, the they signed something they knew was untrue. Now it's galling it's I can't tell you how how upsetting. It is to to watch them do that then they need to be held accountable now. John Durham and general bar their their job will be to hold those that have criminal liability criminal countable right? Our job in Congress is to expose them to make them publicly accountable, which by the way is is is pretty good accountability Joe Biden for example whatever he did it needs to be exposed so the American public. Has that information hand when they decide to vote in November. Yeah, he's a helper. Like Hillary Clinton was by the way Hillary Clinton in the end was carnival. She lost. Yeah, that's a very good point. It's a Senator Ron. Johnson last question as a as a former business owner is a guy who went from business to politics, which is not an easy jump at the president. Did it to we're we're way past time to reopen most businesses are we not and I was just out about a little while ago and I I'll be honest. Having driven a whole. Whole Lot in the past couple of months I went out there and people obviously are exercising their right to stretch their legs in and go to the store and going and go and get something through drive thru lot more traffic than I expected out there. So Americans are a little bit fed up. It's time, isn't it round?.

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