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The American people on every network for an hour. Explain why she's an idiot. Joe hang in there. My friend you to very much Mike, you're up next. What's up, Mike? Hey Bill this month. Would loan Tennessee or Fort Campbell Kentucky. I work post. We're glad to have you. Yeah. Well, thanks to the commercial legend restaurant you make me hungry each time. That's a good place will tell you. One thing Nancy close, he's gotta remember. It's the people it's not her house. She doesn't understand that. But we all inside in them. Yeah. Well, she's somebody needs to I'm not going to. No, I ain't gonna do that on live there. But she she needs to wake up. It's the people's house. Any member of the house of representatives can invite president who speak with or without the president. Well, see that's the thing. I mean, if I'm McConnell, I would step up and say, you can have the Senate chamber, and you screw those folks in the house. They're playing politics on this this speech is crucial. So whether he gives it on in the in the house chamber, a whether he gives it in the Senate chamber, a weather. He gives it in the gas chamber it I mean it needs to be heard. I would suspect that if he doesn't go to the house and the Senate doesn't invite him that he's going to give this address when the Oval Office. The question is will the media folks covered. And I'm telling you most of them will say, well, no because this is not a they'll make some excuse. This is a state of the union address. It doesn't matter where it's being delivered. It's a state of the union address from the president of the United States, you should cover the thing. But they know what Nancy Pelosi knows they know you get in front of the American people for any. And then, of course, you know, you got mine. Doc kettle doing the rebuttal afterwards with Schumer and Pelosi and. And then they are sunk. They have no leg to stand on the American people. If they if it's explained to them why we need a border wall. They have no recourse, and he can sit up there for an hour. Stand up there for an hour. Say the very people are against this now with the people who were for several years ago, and he can quote Chuck Schumer, and he can quote Pelosi, quote, the rest of them. That's what I would do. He has to give this speech at all costs. He asked to give it Valerie you're up next time. Valerie. How you doing today? Great good. Listen regarding this PC stuff. I've come to the point where I'm just gonna say, no, I've just had it. You know, if somebody spits on me, even if they attacked me, that's where it's gonna be. When do we stop taking my question? Well, I've already stopped. So I ain't taking him. I mean, this guy going into the game stop dressed as a woman and then get mad because somebody calls him, sir. That's where I draw the line. I mean, I I don't know what's going on in his head. Whether he's got some mental problem or whether he's trying to agitate folks over these trying to do a publicity stunt from his first stupid rap career, whatever he's doing. No. You gotta say, no, you're a man. Okay. Stop it. You can dress up you can dress up the king. But you're not a king. Exactly and out in California. Now, you know, they're they're talking about actually arresting parents if they don't allow their children to proclaim that they are transsexual NFC parrot tries to to get their mind changed you're talking about arresting the parents. Well, that's when it's time to move. We'll be back. Stay right. Where you? Information few opinion driven. This is Nashville's news and talk leader super talk ninety nine seven. News center. I'm Pamela furr. With your top stories Representative Adam Schiff is criticizing President Trump's decision to release information about speaker, Nancy Pelosi's trip overseas speaking today on Capitol Hill, the California Democrat discusses the letter the president sent to Pelosi postponing our trip to visit with troops. I think the the president's decision to disclose a trip that a speakers making to a war zone was completely and utterly irresponsible. In every way comes after speaker Pelosi sent a letter to the White House requesting to postpone the state of the union address until the government opens back up, by the way, congressman Schiff was also scheduled to travel with Pelosi overseas. A spokesman for democratic house speaker Nancy Pelosi responding to the president's cancellation of that trip. Drew Hamill said Egypt was never on the itinerary despite Trump's claim to the contrary, so he's not being honest about the whole situation. The White House is announcing it is cancelling the trip to the trip of a US delegation that was planning to make a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This just was handed to me rests secretary Sarah Sanders wrote in a statement, the President Trump decided to cancel his delegation strip out of consideration for the eight hundred thousand American workers not receiving pay today. By the way, marks the twenty seventh day of the partial government shutdown in Chicago a day ahead of a former police officers sentencing. The death of Liqun McDonald the trial is over for three officers who were accused of trying to cover up. What happened in the black teenager was shot sixteen times judged to Monica Stevenson told the court wasn't enough evidence to prove conspiracy. Case court finds that the state has failed to meet its burden on charges. Therefore, there is a finding of not guilty as to every count in each defendant a conspiracy but Bischel misconduct and obstruction of Justice happening in Tennessee State legislature says he continues to get huge public support for his Bill to keep daylight saving time year round representatives. Rick Tillis of Louis Bergen. Steve Dickerson of Nashville are planning to file a new Bill for the state to permanently spring forward and the inauguration ceremony for governor. Like, Bill Lee will move inside. That's because Saturday's forecast is calling for heavy rain. Strong winds impossible lightning Lee will now take the oath of office inside. The war memorial auditorium is brought to you by Johnny flaming gourmet foods traffic arm. That's nash. Ville safehouse dot com..

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