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To urban living the district also incorporates some environmentally smart innovations other things that i really wanted to achieve was retaining all of the storm water that comes on to say here without it running off to the boise river and that one of the things that we have or what we call felt the foul there underneath where we are right now they really look like fact melt crate said may have aggregate in there but they can retain a lot of i've i've water there are also gaps left intentionally between street papers that allow storm water to soak in rather than runoff rent hunziker kboi two news for six seven d kboi after several months of investigation kenny kenny prosecutors have made a big dent in a street gang twenty indictments have been handed down to those who police believe are members or associates of the serena mob trace at street gang fifteen people are charged in canyon county third district court with recruiting gang members delivering drugs and or supplying firearms to the gang the idaho statesman reports five others face federal charges related to distributing meth and hydrocare down and or unlawfully owning firearms canyon county prosecutor brian taylor said thirteen of those charged in canyon county are suspected members of the gang and the other two he described as associates the surrounding mountains were greeted with early snow so follow this morning here in the valley temperatures reaching a high of fifty degrees it's going to reach a low of twenty eight degrees overnight a high of fifty three degrees on saturday and 61 degrees on sunday tyler martin six seventy kboi it's hard to think about.

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