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You 50 passes. Maggie is happy that salivating J hoods telling me thrilling. Yeah, he's out, Mitch 54 times. You know, I'm not the one that always buys into the false hope of training camp. I'm pretty After doing this for a long time. I'm pretty skeptical about training camp stories, but I gotta tell you guys Montgomery looked really good. He looked to be in great shape. He was running very well. Just the day before this happened. He had a great run off the left sideline in like a really kind of not totally live drill, but they were coming to get him if they were ableto tackle him. He just burned right past him. Good blocking up front. So what they're going to do is I think you've got to re cone. You've got Cordell Patterson. I have Ryan all making the team on my 53 Man roster. He's a little bit of an everything type guy. He can also play fullback. He's a really good blocker. You know, they prioritize someone being in there and blocking on third down. Patterson does not block has never showed a willingness to black cone, Khun Block, but dolls a lot bigger. Now Montgomery's out for a couple of weeks. I think you gotta have Ah, more versatile, third running back, So I would say, Captain Jonathan that they probably go with it like that. Cause I don't think Montgomery is going to be Too long. But like you said, cap, starting off groin injuries, they linger. If you don't get it healthy, he's gonna pull it again. It's going to be a problem all year and even though he avoided a knee injury That was devastating the other. That's why that was a big story guys because they were counting on the gun Marie for such a sizeable role this year and they still might be counting on him. But when you're growing goes like that early before, see the season even starts. Usually it means it's going to be a long year for that player, my friend I would be remiss if we didn't ask you. Ah, about Brian Urlacher, someone who you covered from the beginning to the end of his career and through the Hall of Fame. Career. I'm wondering your thoughts as his name trended as he as he liked something on instagram that I think it took a lot of people off guard. And just some of his thoughts of the last 24 to 48 hours. What comes to your mind? We initially saw these stories regarding Urlacher. Well, I think like a lot of the players that played with him in that era. I thought yesterday that maybe he wasn't the one operating his account. I think everyone that was around Brian Urlacher and I'm not saying that I have the relationship within that I have with a lot of the guys from that era, but I covered him everyday Psalm in the locker room every day. He was a great teammate. He was loved by everybody matter who you were. What color your skin Woz, your ethnicity. He was one of those guys that everyone loved and they rallied around and he treated those people extremely well. And then you see some of the stuff from yesterday and even the weeks leading up to it. I think there was a genuine wonderment. Is he really posting this stuff? And I think he was posting it, And I think there's been a lot of disappointment. I don't Matt Forte went public. Believe me when I tell you guys that Matt Forte is not the only bear from that era that played with Urlacher. I was asking a lot of questions and talking about this, and they're just like Was this him all along? I mean, is this Who he really is. And you know, whenever you talk about this stuff you always have. You know, John, you know this. The Free Street free speech brigade comes out right? Well, he could say what everyone's it's a free country. Absolutely. It's a free country. He could say whatever he wants. No one's hauling Brian Urlacher off to jail about what we liked on Instagram. But there are gonna be consequences and repercussions..

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