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Harlan sheds chronicles. A description of elizabethan england by rafael holon chad chapter seventeen of sundry kinds of punishment appointed for offenders in cases of felony manslaughter. Robbery murder rape piracy and such capital crimes are not repeated for treason or hurt of the estate. Our sentence pronounced upon the offender is to hang until he be dead for live other punishments used in other countries. We have no knowledge or use and yet so few grievous crimes committed with us as elsewhere in the world to us torment also questioned by pain and torture in these common cases with us his greatly abhorred since we have found always to be such as despise death and yet to be tormented choosing rather frankly to open our minds when to yield our bodies unto such several holdings and tearing as used in other countries and this is one 'cause wherefore our condemned persons do go said cheerfully to their deaths for our nation is free stout porty prodigal of life and blood as sir. Thomas smith saf lip to cap twenty five de republica and therefore cannot in any wise digest to be used as villains and saves in suffering continually beating servitude and several torments. No our jail is guilty of felony by an old law of the land if they comment any prisoner committed to that custody for the revealing of his compasses. The greatest and most grievous punishment used in england for such as defend against the state is drawing from the prison to the pace of execution upon an hurdle said where they are hanged till they.

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