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The judge has rejected the trump administration's request for an injunction to block former national security adviser John Bolton's new book but indicates that Bolton might face charges if found to have improperly written in classified material A. B. C.'s enter Jember Kay's new book the room where it happened Holden described a chaotic White House where he claims trump's only strategy is reelection in an interview with Martha Raddatz Bolton says trump's attempt to block his book was not about national security the president isn't worried about foreign governments reading this book he's worried about the American people reading this book the president firing off a Twitter attack on Bolton today taking the judge's words as a victory saying Bolton broke the law and has been called out and rebuked for so doing with a really big price to pay after last night refusing to abide by a letter from the Attorney General that he's been fired the top federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York in Manhattan there's been investigating president trump is personally he Rudy Giuliani agrees to leave his job A. B. C.'s Trevor all Sir Geoffrey Berman says he's gonna be leaving his office in light of the attorney general's decision to quote respect to the normal operation of law meanwhile the president is going to be nominating SEC chair Jay Clayton disservice Berman's replacement the Attorney General says Clayton is a distinguished New York lawyer that he's never served as a prosecutor A. B. C.'s Trevor all this is ABC news let's see how the roads are with como traffic.

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