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We're we now with the case from? Now. She's currently out on bail and she has been formerly charged worth. Delillo Tabanas murder she has been identified as the mastermind behind the assassination. She also faces a separate charge of attempted murder, and that is for the attack on mid turbines friend tattoos that one that we spoke about earlier. Is with not impact this crime has had on tattle we says that she lives in fear. You since fled the Sutu why have you come to South Africa? Because I'm fearing for my life. The people because there are many. Accused might be Okenla. So true students and they may come for me in order to. Stop. The case or to destroy the case like it happens in many instances in listen. I'm pursuing. Like religious. Not Means of recommend attempting living in. Botswana. Here's. Anywhere. But I can go I don't think. I'll ever lead in life in Lizotte. How has your life changed since that shooting? He has changed in almost every. Petain's can't get to my job at a truck like a normal person I have to change sometimes Ilia sometimes late so that I don't keep a pattern I don't go out. To Gut Arens as I used to. Injustice has been served out feel. Much better I think to be closer for me at least even even though I can never forget about.

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