Facebook, Atherton, Jamie School discussed on Radio Free Endor: A 'Star Wars' Podcast


Can show your support in two ways by going over to T- public for your official Radio Free and not ship and you can buy me coffee at W._W._w.. Dot Fine me a coffee dot com forward slash Radio Free Endo or one word and if you want to reach out to us you can't on I tunes is the best way to here is if you want to reach out to it she can. I choose is the best way to here is subscribe at N._Y._U.. Their rates and leave us with a five star review on social media. You can find us on facebook Radio Free Endo and you can follow us on twitter radio free endo a by email radio free end of a gene now dot com and you can find me. <music> asked Jamie School so the buy them here at the old Atherton. See you very soon you. Can you imagine what it's like to be an ace pilot. Don't think about it. This is your chance to make thatch. I've got a mission for you when then find out who's loyal to the good guys and who is what was that what was what the throwing the falling over there split that a light the fire fire you can work on my team impressed but when it comes to your mission as a spy I don't want anything to do with you've got to be cheating me. Person Will Dismiss Talk Radio Competition just be to my best should be good here resistance..

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