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Missed the drive with pulse on. Espn ninety four point one fm and am nine thirty. Our phone lines this hour brought to you by whitelaw at eight. Seven seven four two talk eight seven seven four two eight to five five whitelaw made here and joining us now on those whitelaw phone lines. He's doing it for baby dog. And i appreciate him doing that for me he is. Tom brag from her two four seven. You had a busy weekend starting with me on well actually before me on friday during the show after the show sunday were camping with the heard and of course you're the social media darling of the night as well you had soccer. You had the carnival. That was paul mayweather. That was sunday was prime time. Tom brag on it. Went all the way into this morning with the japanese wrestling. He can't leave that out being kazuko. Kata versus shingo takagi. Wd championship all. How can you leave that out. How asleep at that point. I'm sorry some believe back on by the time everybody was waking up this morning. So okay i got i got up. Watch late never mind. Never mind that we're supposed to talk about marshall. We could do a whole different show about gambling. we could. That could be a podcast that we could do real sense. That might be a podcast on her. Two four seven but bursts up you were leading the wave friday. We were talking about the news and camera. Crews going to step down and everything that had led up to that and what was happening sense and low and behold you mentioned that you had something you couldn't share just yet after we get off the air a little bit later on you're able to finally put it all together for us. You know how to use that freedom of information act request really well because you dug up some really juicy stuff man. They taught me. Well it's the journalism school marshall. I learned a thing or two. It took me long enough to get through there. But i did learn about the freedom of information act. And yeah you know that. We got that letter from president gilbert from last august though recommending that the that the board of governors extend my cameras contract The response was also included. And that was from patrick. Ferrell the chairman board of governors Just you know saying you know. We'll take under consideration and then with the athletic committee and then they'll will present their recommendation to the board and the board from there. And when i talk to patrick farrell on friday afternoon I asked him if you know. The athletic committee had taken under consideration. What happened. He said that that they did not ended become pretty clear evidence that there was not support amongst the athletic committee or the board for for hammers contract to be extended so they went back to dr gilbert and estimates they would still like him to vote for and putting pack of feral Dr gore said no and everybody kind of dug in at that point. It seems like seems like the lines were drawn last august. Tom brady had that of course over on her. Two four seven. So where are we at now is is it there. We moved a little bit further sense. You following this or we don't know anything about it i think. No we don. I think Well i think for lack of a better term everybody got maybe got a little spooked on friday when you know athletic directors moved into a new job and all of freedom information dirt coming out and people kinda claimed up a little bit over the weekend which is expected. You know. that's how these things go and we'll see if the if there's more learn it seems like you know for now things are going to start to settle back down with people figuring out what their new roles are gonna be and trying to move around. And that's what's best for the school right now if you're marshall. If you're marshall fan you don't want all this turmoil you don't want this again. For lack of a better term these warring factions going back and forth at each other for the next year until dr gilbert and mike hamrick. Sleep the school. You don't want that that. That's not a good environment for athletics. It's not a good environment for academics. It's a nobody comes out looking good on the other side of it. You won't settle down now on people to start to move forward and hopefully if you're a marshall fan. That's what's about to happen tom. Brady joins me heard two four seven. The reason we want him on today this was actually planned ahead of time is You had camped with the heard on sunday even breaking down all the recruiting news. Let's start there with camp. We're finally being able to see athletes on campus again and it feels like coach off offered maybe fifty four people. A spot on the her roster. That's what it feels like anyway because he so active on social media and of course you're right there behind him so no. What was camp like under coach often. What did you learn. you know. This was my first camp period. I never been to one of the ones under doc holliday and when i was covering wvu for the paper in charleston. We didn't really handle that. We had never there was other people that that would do the camp stuff so this was a learning experience for me. Definitely you know you kind of go in there with your eyes glaze over. 'cause there's hundreds of kids running around and you don't really know who anybody is unless you recognize them where they've told you ahead of time that they're gonna be there 'cause everybody's got different different jersey color different number. It's madness for the first half an hour or so. Then they kinda split them up and they took a group up to the indoor practice facility and just you know going off context clues coach off immediately followed that group up to the to the practice facility but my reporter hat on and said oh. He's probably the guys he's got an eye on are probably the ones that are up in the practice facility. So i went up there. Spend some time and you know. That's that's about what it was. He was the guys that are broken by position. And kind of working with marshall's position coaches and then off was kind of taken a lap around the city and checking in and offering some pointers system kids and and some of those kids that that ended up coming away with with offers the One can take column pierce a Five ten receiver out of hudson. Ohio was one of the guys that got a preferred walk off her yesterday and he was one of the guys that i saw working with. You know wanna one But the other offers. I think the most interesting one out of there not a guy for this upcoming class but for the last twenty twenty three jd as linebacker from columbus ohio. That yates name sounds familiar. He's max yates his son. Paul if you want to feel kinda oldest afternoon. And he is a great linebacker. He got an offer yesterday. I think marshall is going to be on him big time but but he seems like he's pretty good. He hasn't entered into our twenty four seven sports ratings yet. But i think he's going to pretty soon tom. Brady's with me from her. A two four seven and so you were all over this on sunday. Doing camp on top of everything else. Coach off is very big on social media. And that means you don't get to sleep very often. So that's why you're up at whatever hour of the night watching japanese rice back up to watch it. I took a nap in between fair. Anyway that's fair. What's the count up to now. Because i can't three million offers no know that's not the true number but it feels that way. It feels like he's got a size. I don't i don't have the exact number right in front of me. But there's there's a whole bunch out there right now and and you're starting to get into as we mentioned with with jade needs guys for the class twenty twenty three or starting offers we you know. Twenty twenty two is really heating up with those guys that are going to be seniors this fall but but the juniors. That's where the coaches really start to get their hooks in guys. That's where you can really make an impression. So you're gonna see a lot or the twenty three guys as we progress progressive summer and starting to get the fall with these guys have their their football seasons. You've got to remember. Some of these guys didn't get to play football last fall. Also some of might have gotten some time in the spring but for some of these these summer summer camps june circuit. This is the first competitive competitive football. They've played in a while. So it'll be interesting as everybody going to get back into the swing with recruiting how the starts to play out. June's been wild so far.

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