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Think should happen in that space, which would address the concerns of people. Both as it pertains to crime more broadly and also securing the border. Yeah, so let me give you a couple of things on that. Senator haggerty and I have a piece of legislation, the restoring Law & Order act, which would put more resources to local law enforcement and also would keep these violent criminals locked up. It would require some timely processing of the rape kits. So that is something that is good. Another provision that I think the house will take up very quickly is to take those 87,000 new IRS agents and turn those positions into positions for local law enforcement and for border patrol. Those things would make a big difference. And as a border patrol is you know, they've said for decades that they need three things they need a wall or some kind of physical barrier where they can not have a barrier, they need better technology, and they need more officers and agents. If you give them what they say, they need to do their job, I think you will see the border secured which will have an impact on the crime issue. In our communities, right now, our local law enforcement agencies tell us they're on the front line, fighting these drug cartels, fighting the gangs, dealing with the issues that are so heartbreaking about fentanyl. I think we have time for one more of a Rick Davis. Real quick we've talked about some of the contrasting issues this election cycle senator. But how about China? You recently taken a trip to Taiwan shortly after Nancy Pelosi did, and it seems to be an area that we might be able to as Republicans and Democrats agree to start to push back China's malign influences, especially in the Pacific. Are there things that we can do as a party to work with The White House to actually help in a united front with China? Yes, and coming against the CCP. And their aggressiveness is important not only to Taiwan. But to the other island nations that are there in the indo Pacific. And we need to be very explicit and stepping forward. Making certain that foreign military sales are conducted to Taiwan. So that they have what they need to protect themselves, helping them move to that asymmetric battle posture is something that will be truly a positive. And you're going to see more emphasis on that that should be an area holding China and the Chinese Communist Party to account. It is an area where we should work together to make certain that U.S. corporations are abiding by U.S. law and not abiding and kowtowing to the communist Chinese. Okay, thank you so very much senators really a pleasure to have you with us. That's Republican senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. Great to have you, senator. Thank you for your time, and we're also, of course, have with us Rick Davis of stone court capital and Jeannie Chan xeno of university. They'll be staying with us. So what do you make of that? Do they have specific work that they can pursue? Yeah, look, I mean, there's going to be an agenda answering Genie's question about crime. There's obviously things that are going to try and put in there, whether or not the administration is going to go for that or whether they can even get the votes for it is going to be a big question, especially because under any circumstances is only going to be a margin of two or three. Yeah, exactly. A lot of ambition. But thank you so much to Rick Davis and genius and coming

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