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I could be a hall of fame I think when I had two hundred and ninety nine wind that I had three hundred well I mean you know look I think you get to a stage in your career if if you're a person that is truly in the conversation as a potential hall of Famer you know naturally the lack the twilight of your career so to speak whether that's the last couple of years the last year I think you start to think about it and you start to kind of debate in your own mind the conversation and whether or not you're worthy of that conversation and and certainly for me you know my last year or two in New York I knew I knew I was part of the conversation I guess even earlier than that you know when I got the two hundred fifty wins I I knew if I got the three hundred wins I'm not saying it's case closed but you know there aren't any three hundred game winners and are in the hall of fame so I mean I I at least as an individual had kind of that that achievement out there so to speak that would really solidify my resume but I think even at that point you start you know you maybe start to entertain the conversation in your mind because people start are starting to ask you about it but I don't know for me I know for me personally I never you know I never really took it for granted so to speak until I won my three hundred game and then you know like I said it's kind of like all right well you won three games and nobody has ever done that is not in the hall of fame but at the same time you're still plans so you don't allow yourself to the think that way too much you know Tom as you look back on your career right now and there's there's a lot to get into it with you I'm curious you know what transpired between that ninety ninety one season right because you know you get called up your twenty one year old with the Atlanta Braves you don't have initial success you know it it you know it's it's three and a half years in which you know you're some success and you know you want seven seventeen one year in nineteen eighty eight ninety one you go twenty eleven two point five five ERA after a year in in ninety or what you want ten and twelve what happened between ninety and ninety one for you as a pitcher and the evolution of Tom Glavin to where then you obviously went off a dominant run I think you know that period between my first full year in the big leagues in eighty eight and then going into the ninety one see that was kind of it was a couple of things you know what I when I finished my first full year the big lake I lost seventeen games you know it was there was tripping for evidence to be number one the brave must think a lot of me if they allowed me to go out there to lose seventeen games but secondly and and that that sounds funny but it's true I get it there yeah this stuff they didn't make much of me they were gonna let me go out there and do that right they were sent me down sure but they they thought enough of me that okay this kid can handle it mentally he's gonna grow always going to get better and I did but I went home that winter and and it was obvious to me the one I had when I had my a game I want and I didn't I didn't want that have so much of it centered around fastball command so that went there I went home and my sole purpose that whole winter was fast ball command I how I wanted to learn how to from my fastballs for strikes more frequently so I could pitch ahead in the count more so I did that and I had a good year the next year I came back my second year I went fourteen and eight or something like that I had a good year now the third year nineteen ninety it was kind of a setback because now again when I had my a game I was good my fastball command was better for sure but my secondary pitches were very iffy and if I if I was missing something on a given day it was hard for me to survive going into nineteen ninety one spring training that was when I really really got comfortable with my change up and got it to the point where any count any situation I had confidence to throw it and that really took me to that next level in ninety one where I won twenty games I want to die on the word and the reason it did was it because now I I had that hitch that I really could rely on at any point in time so if I went out there on a given day and I didn't have good fastball command I could survive with my changeup you know if I had good command of my fastball but I didn't I had spotty command of my changeup I still had a pitch I could survive with so I think the big thing was you know solidifying that change up so to speak in terms of my repertoire gave me the confidence and the ability to go out there and win games are quite honestly I I would not have won in nineteen ninety or nineteen eighty eight I you know I learned how to win games when I had my B. stuff and sometimes my C. stuff where is prior to that I had no shot of one of those games you know Tom I you know what was it for you the experience being in a room you know with Maddux Smoltz I mean you think about the arsenal that the Atlanta Braves had you know and you know just I mean dynamic hall of fame pitchers what was it like for you being a part of that group down in Atlanta you know it wasn't caught up on a minute and I think you it's the kind of thing that obviously when you look back at it you appreciate it probably a little bit more and again only because it's hard to truly appreciated when you're still playing and you're going through it I mean we knew what we had was special it was special for a couple reasons number one obviously what we brought to the team as a trio and as as the rotation but number two the the camaraderie and a friendship that we had off the field that was just a special I mean we had we had so much fun away from the ball park going to you know playing golf and doing all the things that we did to get away from baseball so that was a really big part of it but but again you know what I've always said it pitching being a starting pitcher they can be the greatest job or it can be the worst job you know when you're pitching well and you're sitting there four nights a week watching games it's great when you're not you you know you don't have the luxury of having a bad game and go back out the next day and try to do something about it so it made those days on the bench a lot more fun because you're going to the ballpark you know two of those other four nights in your watch and manage your small stature so I was you know it was something to look forward to an end you know we look weak we learned a ton from each other we relied on each other a lot you know as much as you know Leo Mazzone help me during those years it was also great haven't Greg and John as another set of eyes that knew me so well knew my mechanics knew everything I was doing so if I was struggling with something and yeah I couldn't quite figure something out I could say Hey you know watch me if you see that there C. B. C. that you know they get that feedback of you know what I don't see that you're not so it's okay Jack I can I can eliminate that from from whatever it is and I'm trying to fix so you know having those guys around was so much so much fun and so special and you know we're lucky because if you look at you know you look at that in today's game there's no way economically a team can keep three guys like that together for for ten years like we were able to do when I land at that point in time so you know just for so many reasons it was it was a special time and we were you know certainly fortunate to be together going through it yeah I mean it was it was fun slash devastating to watch you guys depending on what's yeah what's Jersey you're wearing it was great it was heartbreaking it was agonizing it was awesome it was all those things Tom Glavin is our mystery guest today and you know Tom I I'll be honest I've I've I've spent a lot of time defending the players today over this MLB proposal you know I think that the players are are taking a bad rap here in my opinion you know I I I'm sympathetic to them I feel like they're taking on a hundred percent of the risk here if we do get baseball back up and going this latest proposal seems kind of kind of crazy to be that all of a sudden we start traveling all over the place and playing in our home ballparks that away ballparks and staying in hotels and all of that stuff I you know for the for the person out there who thinks that the player is being inflexible here and that the players only prioritizing the money and and and that the player looks bad what you have to say to them I mean I think it's I don't you know yeah I don't I don't know it on a just matter of fact I just saw something on on the TV before I was coming out with you guys about you know baseball talking now about a eighty two games or eighty or eighty two game schedule open on July fourth and you know potentially traveling and doing all that stuff so you know I don't know a ton about what's out there today but I can say from a player standpoint you know what I think when people start you know criticizing the players for being selfish or mentioning money or any of that stuff I think it's unfair you know because at the end of the day you know money money has nothing to do with the fact that a lot of these guys are husbands and fathers and they don't want to risk the health of their family anymore than anybody else does and you know I don't blame players for having concerns you know and I don't blame the owners.

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