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The scene of a bridge collapse at a florida university say they are drilling holes into the debris to look for survivors miami dade fire rescue division chief paul s two peon said that rescuers are searching the rubble for people who may still be trapped underneath but they do not know how many that may be the bridge was installed just saturday at florida international university in the miami area governor's rounders administration says it will hire and architectural and design team by the summer to redevelop the quincy veterans home campus that's been hit by a deadly legionnaires disease crisis he wants to buy an old home down the street and house vets there while this redevelopment happens polish prosecutors say american thirties are moving ahead with their request to extradite and ninety nine year old minnesota man to be tried on allegations that he was involved in a world war two massacre polish authorities issued an arrest warrant for this man an ex commander they say in an assessor fled nazi unit that burned polish villages and killed civilians republicans eyeing a recount possible lawsuit over perceived irregularities closely watched us house race in pennsylvania were democrat connor lamb clings to a slender lead the latest batch of absentee ballots counted now lamb has seen his ads shrink ever so slightly six hundred twenty seven votes now unofficially out of more than two hundred twenty four thousand casts separating the two wls news time five thirty four inbound dan ryan at eighty seventh and accident as two right lanes blocked off inbound i get racine an accident just now clearing outbound stevenson at fifty three in accident as a left lane blocked off southbound tristate pastoring park a broken down car has a right lane blocked edens twenty minutes now from the junction out to lake cook on in forty seven the kennedy fifty four from downtown to the airport inbound about an hour nine dan ryan out forty one from downtown to ninety fifth inbound fifty three outbound ike post office a thorndale and our eight inbound and our fourteen outbound.

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