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Be fired four on the show and he was but before we heard allegations that pete rose was engaging in behaviors actually with teenage girls when he was a grown married man is 30s pete rose was considered i i think a baseball scumbags fair right i think that's a an accurate description the scum bagheri from a baseball perspective and he warned in deering and funding on fox sports he was his world series banter his banter where they rod the time that he leaned into the shah with was at siege in a cow ski within on the show there was something that turned pete rose from one of the great scumbags in baseball history too crazy old grandpa pete rose you know baseball's grandpa and he's crazy but we love them that's what tv does and then and then i'll say this just tv you have a talented at it because i've seen people who are really good dudes who were great people who are stiff on tv who can't do it who aren't good at it and it has the opposite effect i don't wanna pick on this guy 'cause we used to be a little social and he's a nice do but i'm going to landon donovan is a great human being i'm integrating me he is one of the most down to earth superstars i've ever met clearly lavaka the story i once our here's a quick story i've close slamming nathan the other room divers so donors so i'm ed ca i met landon donovan at fox sports one he was he was.

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