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World the new policy is a shift in Facebook's broader approach to misinformation as it faces more questions about its role as a source for false. Information that can inflame social tensions to casino companies are a bit closer to getting together Penn national, gaming said it received approval from, the Ohio casino control commission and the Louisiana. Gaming control board for its proposed acquisition, of pinnacle entertainment the deal still needs regulatory, approvals from other states in which the. Companies operate on Wall Street today stocks fell with the Dow Jones industrial average down one hundred thirty, four points the NASDAQ, composite Is, it dropped twenty nine points the, s. and p. five hundred lost eleven that's. Your money now A story we know all too. Well here in. Seattle One three major water rescue. We'll be north of the show for a Size approximately thirty individuals water officials in Missouri, confirming a number of, deaths, after, an amphibious, duck, boat. Accident near Branson we have a confirmed fatalities He has sported Seven patients. To the hospital Do have some people. Still missing stone, county sheriff Doug Rader says dive teams are searching for those who are missing after the boat capsized and the effort will. Continue in the hours ahead so this is going to be all night Mara we're working on this highway patrol dive team. Is on their way here western county has their. Team in the, water right now the accident happened on table rock lake is a line of thunderstorms moved through the area there was actually. A son county sheriff's deputy on the boat He was in the water rescue and people also some of the staff and trying to help this is the latest in a. Number, of accidents involving tourist duck boats over the years including the twenty fifteen. Crash with a bus on Seattle's Aurora bridge which killed. Five people and injured dozens more. That accident resulting in a number of changes on how. Those boats are operated in Seattle as well as safety upgrades KOMO AAA traffic every ten minutes on the. Fours we're still working on this closure of highway.

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