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He did healthy gold iras all that's a five year ago pliers it on it yeah fair enough so there's guys out there right now i just went did a look jarvis land landry is going to be a free agent josh gordon who my love which that'd be a rough one sandon watkins available they're trying to get out from under damaris thomas contract to turn around and pay another guy john thomas yeah absolutely why wouldn't you i mean there's plenty of guys out there to go get paul richardson you could look at for a dollar at long i kidding you've watched him play right yeah the broncos don't have anyone like him emmanuel sanders isn't like the now matteo's anti that all of them eur one eight you wanna put your faith in him as you're number one guy no i said i said there's guys out there's guys out there it's it's all going to shake up slightly differently i'm just saying i don't i think the keep to leave loss will change the team a lot more than losing the wide receivers because i liked the various thomas but he has had the drops these mmhmm and i don't think he's the guy he was when he was with chievo will you make a good point there and emmanuel sanders also he's going to do as complain the ball was it there he threw it over the middle and got me her he's not throwing it to me enough i don't have enough targets like you just i feel like getting rid of him addition by subtraction for me now that being said that the broncos they'll have any other wide receivers there's the covered his bare.

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