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Big companies are pushing pause on sales of facial recognition software to police and calling for laws to deal with bias and racial inequity in a online but some say we should think even bigger the goal is not simply better tools but to actually pose these larger questions about whether we want these at all then NASA plans for its water bound moon rover viper to be delivered to the moon by a private company and what does the rainbow look like to a hummingbird new research says when they choose a flower it's more than just Roy G. biff tell you why after this stay with us live from NPR news I'm Nora Raum the justice department is trying to oust the US attorney who oversaw key investigations of allies of president trump including trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani but as NPR's Jen Newman reports Geoffrey Berman says he will not resign Berman says he will not step down as the U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York until one nominee is confirmed by the Senate Berman says he learned of his forced departure in a statement by Attorney General William Barr Barr says the president intends to nominate J. clean the current chairman of the securities and exchange commission to take over the role NPR's John Newman president trump supporters are gathering in Tulsa Oklahoma I have a large rally this evening the city's annual Juneteenth celebration was held a few blocks away Logan laden with member station KGO you reports thousands gathered in remembrance of the end of slavery and to call for racial justice at the site of the Tulsa race massacre had destroyed black Wall Street in the Greenwood neighborhood nearly one hundred years ago tells a resident Rita Williams says she's encouraged about where the current conversation is headed I do see change it might not be gone as fast as we want it but.

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