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Point five million dollars that's that's that's that's that's a big check their doctor tell sure to give out on a loss that is man I think Arkansas I'm not sure you know it when I look at it I think it might be time to break bread build a bath Bobby Petrino well I know that if we saw I'm getting some rehab on the on the neck with a neck brace of awhile back there right here city of rock it is about what is it is September you've got about five more months to Arkansas razorback and Dave van horn is ready to go for baseball season so let's just get prepared for their and it's all about adapting okay rock. okay I got I got hurt most. in true that's right Musselman going out there and coach in the Razorbacks so listen brighter days are ahead for Viet Fairfield just may not be when it comes to pick skin New York Cory thanks for joining doctor Tasha doctor burns to do it. can you take your shoes off please is that we're trying to keep the office pretty nice here sworn. actually my child will job I'm a farmer okay thank you Sir. our religion fan and I'm on this class and I want you guys that I will stop me from jumping off this Michigan class. that is in stock. I really we need a cornerback we have at our core back in ages our last good running back was hard I just need help some kind of hold for Michigan we. sure yeah I think you know. the good news is. that when you start looking at they have McCaffrey back there. you have some options but. I don't think when when I'm starting to evaluate some of the symptoms you have I think. you're living in the eighties band. doctor tells you you know what they need they need to take a look at what the LSU Tigers have done all sensibly and say you know what you need to get laid sick you need to get the lay sick for that all states do they have the players doctor **** the Wolverines definitely have the players and yet they're still wearing these little bifocal glasses just go ahead and break down get the lazy for your offense you'll.

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