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To read in the hotel room which i did so was on ninth screenplay of what he's that i read in four days and it was the best one and it was one of those times when when uh walk your heart starts beating faster and adrenaline starts flowing if i wanna was the biggest male wrote he'd ever written outside of the woody allen character because his his protagonist generally have been women diane keaton mia farrow even recently uh and geraldine page and interiors so he never really written a big male character that wasn't play by woody why did you feel that it you need it to the hospital because there was no way to play that character without knowing everything about that movie because of the delicacy of it i mean it's it's this no i mean it's of tur incredibly delicate delicate thing you're dealing with a man who's who's a rich proud of a man who's a liar who's a cheat whose uh who's embezzler who's a murderer whose uh from it is is not a redeeming thing he does and yet the audience has to you know from my point of view and this is what i expressed to what he has to empathise and and join up with him at as they're being horrified by what he does i felt it was essential that the audience seat themselves in this character and the only way to do that i mean the character as into one single thing of redemption in the entire movie he's an awful person and i you could in this click or mentality where living and where people click things off television and fifteen or twenty minutes bavaria's he for the army say hey this guy's a jerk item like him it one and you don't have a movie so how to delicately deal with that.

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