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This is wrong. To desegregate and he said and he just made that decision. So that's the household that I grew up in now. But if you dare critique the left at all or are liberalism or tried to check some stuff that seems out of whack then you get labeled as this. RIGHT-WING SUPREMACISTS or whatever a racist I get called like the daily beast, which is like a just a shit Internet site. Says Rob, Schneider's proof of racism, and it's like an I didn't even look it up like my friends like one that was just you dress up as a Hawaiian guy. Do, that was for Sony. What are you talking about I? didn't write that I mean, I, had lived a lot of it but like. This is insane. To me the whole part of being an actress to play somebody that you're not and the farther away to you could be a better when I saw like. Peter sellars playing. He was the first guy who nailed that east Indian accent for the Party and I'm telling you the movie as a whole just doesn't memorable by him playing the gangling birdie known them but it'd be them years last year. It was so ridiculously silly. I remember like watching that movie when I was a kid and I couldn't breathe I, remember being on my hands and knees crawling out of the movie theater because my son occurred so much I literally on my hands in these walking up popcorn just to get I just had to breed I couldn't breathe in the theater and I know that's what I wanna do for a living I didn't know how to do at that time, but it said if I could do that. Movie where the the audience is is just like we know what it's like stand up when you're when you're getting them rolling slow slow down a little bit until they can't breathe and then you regroup and then get him again it's a wave of it and that that's what's The funnest thing if you lucky enough to be able to get that. In any way whether it's a movie, a TV show or stand up, which is amazing. So But at the same time I think I'm bringing up right now at least my I don't know where it's GonNa turn into right now I am talking about what people are going through but four comedy like in other words that's not being in quarantine what that's doing for comedy but I don't really feel.

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