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A wildfire in rural eastern San Diego is burning across more than 17,600 acres and is destroyed at least 30 homes. That's the word from Cal fire commanders who say the valley fires 55% contained a week after I broke out southeast of Alpine Fire bosses say all evacuation orders and road closures have been canceled. However, the Cleveland National Forest remains closed to the public until further notice. Lisa Cocks of the Forest Service's smoke is affecting firefighting efforts against the 252,000 Acre north Complex. Good things are that it's kind of slowing down fire activity. The negative part of the smoke. Being in the in the area is that it's hampering aircraft, a suppression effort. Three more people are now unaccounted for. Among the devastation of the North Complex West Zone in Butte County that brings the number of missing in the wildfire to 19 share of Cory Honey says he's asking for more search and rescue teams right now, the areas that we need to search Are too hot, and Cal Fire's asked this to wait to deploy those later when that is safe for that to be done. So we're going to evaluating that deployment starting on Monday. Firefighters have contained 21% of the 252,000 acre complex with 5% containment reported on the 70,000 acre West Zone. The MBA has a team for the Eastern final. Seth ever it with details in Orlando, Florida Zen BA bubble Jason Tatum scored 29 points and had 12 rebounds. The Celtics top the Raptors in Game seven to advance to the N Ba Eastern final. Jalen Brown had 21 points while Marcus Smart had 16 in the Win that sport. Some stuff ever lost recording from Jimi Hendrix is coming out this November. The previously unreleased concerts were recorded in 1970 in Hawaii and.

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