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League baseball players ever will soon have their own memorial in pittsburgh pittsburgh station square will be the site of the new josh gibson heritage park josh gibson satchel page cool poppa bell and cumberland posey will be immortalized with monuments in the park the stars either played for the pittsburgh crawford's or the homestead grace the memorial will include interactive features that highlight the importance of negro league baseball in pittsburgh history the park is expected to open next spring the new movie marshall tells the story of a young thurgood marshall the first african american sprint court justice ap entertainment editor oscar will gabriel here's from two of its stars talking about race relations in america today this is usta's sterling k brown says when it comes to statements from the white house this is where the us is this president has sort of brought a lot of ugliness to the surface check those men who played jacket robby tune in 42 agrees he says colin kaepernick and other football players who have taken a need during the national anthem should not be criticised those players today are patriots for doing what they're doing boesman says country was born of ideas that many viewed as revolutionary at the time on moscow wells gabriel singersongwriter jason mraz is getting ready for his broadway debut in the musical adaptation of the two thousand seven film waitress it's a story of jenna a waitress then pie maker trapped in a small town diner and a loveless marriage it features songs their pop star cerebral at you personally reached out to morad's too ask him to take the part he took a day to think it over he's going to play gynecologist end jena's love interest whereas briefly attended the american musical and dramatic academy before focusing on his own music and said he way careered musicals but feared he'd be auditioning for.

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