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Uh, do we have any groups and the Kurds again come to the forefront of my mind that are worth our support, If nothing else that simply convey to others around the world that this is how the United States treats those who who back our side. Is there that argument to be made, and I suppose beyond that is at a cost effective argument. Well, I I honestly to the last part, especially it's not cost effective. Yes, the ER the courage could benefit. Yes, Iraq does benefit. But if it's a net loss for us, then we can't do it. Because, believe me, there are people all over the world that would love nothing more than to have American military support because their own forces are not as good as ours. Of course. I mean, it makes sense. And their desires make perfect sense to me. I understand why many in Iraq would want us definitely understand why the Syrian Democratic forces, But But is it worth it to us? I was asking you in terms of your of your own question. Not is it worth it to us to back someone which ostensibly supports us? No, it's not, And that's that's just the the harsh reality of the situation. We don't benefit from that. And look, we're not going to be there forever. No matter what they've got to the Syrian courage. They've got to figure out how they're gonna live Long term in Syria in the midst of this Still, civil war going on in Iraq has got to take care of its own house. We've sacrificed enough. We sacrificed enough troops, billions and billions of dollars. It's time for them to take care of their own house and either standard fall based on their own capabilities. We can't be there forever. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, are number 1866554626, and we'll be back with more. With retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis of defence priorities dot org In a moment look, staying healthy isn't easy.

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