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To rob woodfork. All right, the nationals and Phillies underway in the city of brotherly love and a good start for the visitors, Victor robles with the leadoff double off Noah's cinder guard making his Phillies debut and then another man making his debut for his team. Luke Voight in his first at bat as a gnat, drove in robles with a bloop single, so the nationals up one, nothing now top of the first inning and still only one out at the city opened the third round match between Frances tiafoe and Dutch challenger Baltic van der Schultz that remains suspended and did you know we have our first taste of NFL football tonight. The Hall of Fame game in canton Ohio kicks off at the top of the hour the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Las Vegas Raiders doing battle in a battling teams with new coaches. It's year three for Ron Rivera in Washington. He's looking forward to taking his commanders training camp practices to FedEx field this weekend. I'm excited because from what I understand what we should have a pretty good turnout of fans there. And it'll be good for our guys. It'll ramp some things up. We're gonna do some live periods and try and get some of that excitement going for our players. I mean, we want to be able to make some contact. We want to be able to get these guys prepared to tackle going into the first pre season game. As they took it a bit easier today, removing the pads, they practiced in the bubble today, read more on WTO dot com. Rob woodfork sports. Top stories we're following for you tonight on WTO. We have a new severe thunderstorm warning for parts of Anna rundle, Calvert, prince George's and Charles counties in southern Maryland until 8 tonight at 7 15, a severe thunderstorm was located near marlton or near Clinton moving northeast at 15 miles an hour checking radar. We do have the storms ranging from about the Waldorf area, Charles county up through D.C. and places like buoy and even further north into the Baltimore area. And the D.C. library officer is dead tonight after a shooting this afternoon during a training exercise inside the anacostia neighborhood library. Police chief Robert Conti says the shot was fired by a retired officer who was conducting the train. 7 18, traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to bob imler in the traffic center. How Springfield outer loop of the beltway very slow from the Springfield interchange to a point before Eisenhower avenue there was a tree down blocking the right lane there and that is still being worked on or at least it's still there, not even sure if it's being worked on yet, but delays are pretty extensive from the Springfield interchange. Once you get beyond that, you're good to go getting to the Wilson bridge. Three 95 and 95 each running well, same with 66 and northbound three 95 slows a bit over the 14th street bridge into town, which is also putting pressure southbound on the GW Parkway getting onto the ramp to go north on three 95 and prince George's county where The Rain is falling there in arundel county, slower than you might expect because of The Rain, but it should be a little slower in The Rain, of course. And southbound Baltimore, Washington, Parkway, near one 75, believe that tree is out of the roadway down speeds are starting to pick up. 95 is running well and so is G 70 in both directions and that crash it was on the outer loop after river road. That's been on the shoulder for a while. Bob Italy GLP traffic, storm team four's Steve prinze valley back with us, new thunderstorm warnings to tell us about what's going on, Steve. That's right. Well, that threat has shifted to the north and east Dmitri and Michelle. It's impacting our friends in northeastern prince George's county and central and arundel county, severe thunderstorm warning until 8 p.m.. So another O 41 minutes

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