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Big stink they made about it when they reauthorizing jerry brown drop their law aims who you gala for neoliberals right that's okay at least they care enough to pretend yes you know that i wonder i somebody should use that as a campaign slogan i care enough to pretend i care enough to lie to you and make you feel like i didn't these are the kind of lies that are okay vote because there lies that pretend that we care yes on election day vote 'no for the truth that is paid for by the committee devote noteworthy drink think about how black everybody in california knows it's a sham everybody in the media knows it's the shan it's a sham and that's and they all walk around as if this is really great what california's doing their bit this is again what my dad said and he'd i didn't get a chance to ask him this time but and my dad told me when i was fourteen years old you're gonna find out that people really want to be be asked they really do there's another perfect example the people of california the liberals wish to be be azt in california right now is the secession going to be a pretend secession now that of the real now the of the crying after it happens wanted if gonna succeed from the nation would that be while napa river just pretend the right rubber reluctant vacation rubber what they said we know probably legally we can't do it but if we irritate the rest of the country enough the down we can't do it through war this won't be a bathroom do it through war we'll we'll do it by irritating everyone actually that might work but the there you go i just wide wonder how liberals would respond now this is a story that south their everybody knows it's true the republicans know is true industry knows it it's it's true were industry were behind.

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