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For four to row against the magic. Remembering Pelé, who once said I was born for soccer just as Beethoven was born for music. Boy was he right. More at WTO dot com. And so blessed to have WTO in my life since December of 1989. Today I say goodbye, and I think about all the places we've gone together. Did sports test on a plane on a tarmac between train cars in Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean. In the middle of the night, World Cup 2002. I've been reporting from summer's restaurant. It only took Virginia as standing room only at crowd. How long you been here? I've been here since three in the morning. And I brought you a hole when my first grade son pierce was doing play by play. Aliens is a crowd. Maybe he's grown up a bit too fast. Yeah, it's commercial break now, enjoy the commercial. Commercials. What's next at agent? Forget I said that. And next up, the trophies, from Orlando, Dave Johnson, WTP sports. It's 6 17 It's bad enough being stranded for days at the airport, but what if your luggage goes missing too? There is some technology that could help. It's a little tracking device made by a host of companies including tiles, Samsung, and Apple. I've used apple's AirTag, which is about the size of a quarter, cost you $29. If you put it in your bag and that bag disappears, your phone will help you track it down. You can also tell it to make a sound. If, like me, you forget which bag you put it in. These devices do have critics, though, as they've been used by stalkers to track people, though Apple has put some safeguards in place, and will send an alert if someone might be following you. Brendan Hazleton, WTO P news

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