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He comes across the line Kersey five years really amazing the more you see it and they had the over head shot on CBS sports network this time around yeah it looks like a video game right now I mean in in slow motion it's just mind blowing it is studied any Hammond ones of winning the Daytona five hundred but yet there's big crash of the and then somehow Ryan Newman I don't I don't say this I don't see is okay but is in serious condition could've been a lot worse from the looks of it and so that's the way things ended last remember how these cars are built now and how like safety conscious they are that's why this man is living no doubt yeah you may you know maybe ten years ago I wouldn't and I'll listen and the amount of accidents and and drivers that have that have been killed in these accidents and this one was horrific I was up on what probably about twenty feet in the air yeah I mean at least and if you look back at the Dale Earnhardt crashed in look like anything in a virus we know how tragically that ended and then this one here I mean for a survival is just say it's the mind body majoring in that one yeah I remember one Dale Earnhardt hit that wall it almost looked like this if you want like straight into the wall went straight to the wall I didn't go off and right right no I know but the the initial accident look like that you know I don't know man to honor miles an hour these cars the way they're built in the fact that he's living is nothing short of a miracle so Hammond thrilled to win but obviously nervous for a new man yeah it just it's a it's a weird balance of your excitement and happiness for yourself but obviously someone's health and their families you're bigger than any where and any any sports so you know we're we're just hoping for the best he was a becomes the first driver since sterling marlin member that name Greg yes I knew he was actually a cores like business car which is true sterling marlin either you don't watch it I played that NASCAR video game for a little while when I was younger and sterling marlin was my driver because I like this name was like car first driver since into an in consecutive years in the margin of victory point zero one for the call it as we are like Marlon the silver bullet that's right very cool you wanna says but this is not a silver bullet but they hope that he can hit the ball this year do the maths is a manager is Louise roe Haas's thoughts of seeing says but it's out there yesterday look really good I mean I was like like yeah so miss could be facing pitchers and always taken the ball hit a shot that just one follow little bit off from but I mean he's got so much power ball ball of the are they how about that so much power the balls leaving the are already what do you now and then you've got Jed Lowrie so we're talking about the brace really be able to play perhaps he will and a limitation I mean he's he's in the workouts and you know he's responded really well so to every year and that he hit today that he went he views moving pretty well so World Series coming I had a brace on top of his head I know when he was gonna play in grapefruit league games and on the map no restrictions no limitation he says maybe whose.

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