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Six hundred and ninety two point one FM. Thank you for joining us this been Ferguson radio program, twenty minutes after six. In researching for the segment right was prompted to do. So but one of my church members who felt that. In his opinion, and to elicit agree as Weiss opinion, much of the evil much of the tragedy. Befell country. Today. These days is because of those of Caucasian extraction. Notably. And I hate saying it this way. Because it's so unfeeling because of you white guys. Now in doing research. I like to get factual and found this quote from gentleman is a tenured professors name is Stacey Patton. He's a tenured. Professor. A Morgan state university. Professor, you can look it up. He says, and I quote, there's nothing more dangerous to the United States, then a white male. Who does expect has expect six to succeed and finds himself behind? Another source from Stony Brook university. There's a sociology professor. His name is Michael Kimmel explained. And I read this this morning. White man's anger comes from too potent fusion and to sentiments entitlement in a sense of victimization. What the hell these liberals teaching? But they've been teaching this today and his whole argument in in this tobacco white privilege, which is a bunch of bull dokey. And then their friends there is the political portion of this. Notably one cine Bernie Sanders who says and I quote, there's no question that in Georgia. Ed in Florida racism, reared, its ugly head as you have candidates who ran against. And of course, black man, Andrew gillum and a wide mandate relegate Stacy Adams Stacey Abrams who Bernie says they are racist. And this is an outrage. Well, what makes you racist by birth? So if you born Caucasian before any processes of internalisation interacting with other people of your own species are your sex. So are you blowing a racist? Evidently, according to these learning professionals, and these liberals, you are so sorry for you. I'm okay, I guess as a second class citizen being black, man. So, ladies and gentlemen, Bernie Sanders said dead that those who voted against Andrew gillum who ran for governor in Florida black man, former mayor Tallahassee and those who voted against ACA Abrahams. If you're white you're racist and his money Sanders. Said this is an outrage, and I give you one more. Did you can look up Michael ever Noddy? The lawyer you criticize the GOP doing the Brett cabinet hearing. He said. These old white men. Still don't understand that assault victims in women's deserve to be heard. But what are they are? They telling the truth. Did you have an objective investigation that he didn't mention all of that? But if you of course, Asian persuasion, you're evil, and I got time to get a call or getting let me see who who you wanna get. Let's go to Kenny. Kenny, welcome to the Ben Ferguson radio program. Hello. And thank you for joining us. Hello. Remould white, man. Well, I love you, brother. Old life father to go to work. Take care. Yes. I've also. There's going to be an uprising one. Yeah. I'm literally laughed at him. Okay. I'm listening. I mean. Science. And go back up there and work construction work. I mean, it's it's terrible. Work with that everybody on the criteria that gun. No olive branches get city, right, but Memphis, Memphis up there. Yes. I know. But let me tell you the only reason that went into this is because Trump to church member, but as a policeman, I have seen victims of all color, all persuasions, I've seen evil in all colors. But if you look at the academic Brill, if you look at these new women in in the house, and you look at some of these folks they are teaching today. I mean today that if you're white man, you the source of all evil. I'm not making this up. You could everybody. I'm giving them quotes. You can look it up. Yes. Thank you. Over show. Show if they show up. Sure. Brother. It's terrible. These kids. No, no this marijuana now today, baby, Mary, Jane, no more. Just keeping her Spurs. Opioids now and the THC in a lot of the demon Wade is three three four five times stronger than it used to be. Yes. But I I love you, brother. And I'm glad you're listening. And I want you to know. I'm about brotherhood, and I'm about loving this country. We need to love one another. I'm with you. No, you're not. Long as you got some balance in your life. You have the right? All commercial. Let me tell you this reach out and touch them. No don't do. We we are we this country this country is so great. Week. We give ourselves freedom alone. Nobody bothers me. I'm not gonna bother to them. But one thing I love about this country is you can. Polkadot? Yes, sir. Well, then you better stop, these Democrats and Democrats from turning a socialist because that's what they want. Fifty years. Okay. Everytime came out. He's got this little Florida vote for. Yeah. I'm not. I know. Hey, appreciate you will love you. Thank you nine zero one five three five hold on callers. Five three five nine seven three to Andrew in. For Ben Gary hang on Joe and Charles will get you all in on the Ben Ferguson radio program six hundred E C. On.

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