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Is that a better way to build a portfolio how is it that simply combining the vanguard total bond index fun the vanguard total stock market index find which is just us stocks and the vanguard total international stock market index simple three mutual funds combined together over the past ten years ending june 2016 outperformed not only the average endowment the return of that portfolio was about five point nine two six percent average endowment returned five percent annualized over that 10year period top court tile endowment return five point three and the top dessau 54 portfolio three mutual funds outperform we need to figure out why because it helps us to decide how we should structure our own portfolio how many share with you a lotta data in this episode and i put together a spreadsheet with summarises the data has some of the calculations because it's important to have some data and you if you remember my free insider's guide i sent you the link to this spreadsheet if you're not a member of that you can sign up and get the spreadsheet right away if you're usbased listener text the word portfolios pot f o l i o s portfolios to the number four four two two to heal text and you'll meet only get an email with this spreadsheet that you can with the downward basically attached so that portfolios to the number four four two two two if your non us baseless unearned just go to money for the rest of us dot com sign up there and i'll get you that spreadsheet.

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