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Bar absent Democrats convene to short hearing that included an empty chair shortly. After house speaker Nancy Pelosi and a reference to the attorney general's testimony last month said bar was not telling the truth to congress of the United States. That's a crime. A Justice department spokesperson called the claim baseless. The city of San Francisco suing the Trump administration over its new regulation allowing healthcare professionals to opt out of providing treatments they oppose city. Attorney Dennis Herrera filed the suit Thursday hours after President Trump made the announcement, Harare argues that the US department of health and human services, well, actually, President Trump. I should say argues that the US department of health and human services exceeded its statutes statutory authority when it created the rule that that's what Harare thinks excuse me here. The rule would require institutions that receive money from federal programs to certify that they comply with some twenty-five federal laws protecting. Religious rights, Harare, said the regulation prior prioritizes religious beliefs over patient care and undermines access to birth control abortion, HIV, treatment and other services, we get tongue tied. Sometimes folks, that's what happens on live radio. Well, President Trump's pick for the fed Reserve Board conservative commentator Stephen Moore has withdrawn from contention. That decision comes amid controversy over Moore's past writings about women. He lost Republican support in the Senate, which would have to vote on a potential nomination. But more told Fox News he thinks democratic opponents launched a smear campaign against him. It was very disappointing. The fact is that. Campaign over the last three or four weeks. Really tough for me and my family, and we just decided it was much better. Donald trump. Oh, select someone who doesn't have a thirty year. If looking at things, but I was reading twenty five years ago when looking through my divorce records and. Too difficult for us, and I feel bad because I feel like a lot of people the president. He was incredibly nice in when I told them about this and the understood, but you bummed out frankly that I'm not gonna be over. Really need. You see if you're very good numbers. I think even your critics say that and maybe you were reading the map that support among Republican senators might have been dicey that you you might not have, you know, the number you need to to get to get to the reserve, particularly on female senators. Cabinet West Virginia. Highly of your your credentials, but had issues with some of the other stuff. Well, that's exactly right. Liberal. Nineteen years ago. I honestly don't remember it. But you don't think we're insulting to women? And they were meant to be a joke. And they weren't. Reversed. But some of them were not. So I understand some of the senators many of you know, upset and concerned about those writings they were meant to be hopes. They will not people in the media took them liberally. A Moore was an adviser to Trump's presidential campaign also helped design the two thousand seventeen tax cuts other fed board pick Herman Cain, which you're over past allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity three teams on Long Island have been arrested on charges they plotted to build and detonated. A detonate a bomb at their school, a suffo- county prosecutor Geraldine Hardt said police were tipped off after a bus ride home Wednesday..

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