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I'm writing things and Trying to be truthful on by truthful I mean, truthful to the experience that I had in the world are the things that I think about, and good food. Seven climate is here with her pics for the best Elena bakeries. It's all ahead first this news Live from NPR News. I'm Jack Spear. Vice President Joe Biden was in Kenosha, Wisconsin today, and he says he spoke with Jacob Blake. The man who's serious wounding by police last week, has sparked several days of unrest in the city. A toy dentist. Remember station W. W. M. In Milwaukee reports, Biden was greeted by a crowd still looking for answers. Dozens of people gathered outside the church, where Biden held a community meeting aimed at bringing people from the area together. While most for supporters of Biden. Others felt the need to hammer home a message that black people deserve to be treated with humanity. Marcus Blaze was helping Biden would spend more time on the streets is inside there biting you told people use Don't come here, Marshal. Get out of this church to come outside. Kenosha has experienced unrest since police shot a young black man Jacob Blake in the back, paralyzing him, but in Metz with Blakes family during this visit For NPR News. I'm LaToya Dennis in Kenosha. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, was holding a rally tonight in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Honda and General Motors air Launching a North American alliance that could lead to cars being jointly developed and sold under both brands is NPR's Camila Domino Ski explains. Last year, the two automakers sold about 4.5 million cars combined. In April, Honey and GM announced a limited partnership just to work on electric vehicles. Now they're preparing for a broader alliance. The details are still being worked out, but the companies would cooperate on research and development and co developed a range of vehicles..

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