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You saw each other a bit. Yeah. That's much lighter on now. So how? There's a big kind of growth pattern there. We then we then we started to hear the every brothers after skiffle. Yeah. Buddy. Holly. Yeah. And then then those other Royal was they'll Shannon. Oh, yeah. So so we kind of kind of pop group anything in the child's we were expected to play. So you give me all. All went from playing an acoustic Spanish guitar had to might my first electric guitar you made it. Yeah. Made it another one you just making guitars. Well, yeah. That's how you can afford to buy one. We bought a house for the same price offended guitar, right? Insane process you made an electric guitar accompanied. A Fender Stratocaster. Because the first friend Stratocaster came over in the late nineteen Sixty-two. It was almost like something land from our by. We looked at this thing. Hang in the shadows who's playing and it was making a sound that was so unusual. Saying thing is buddy. Holly had one two home is this Utah. Go to have one good to have Go on. on. But. But like I say you could have a house right cheaper than the towel. Yeah. So I went to. Oh might one. I was now working in the metalwork factory. We had been cheese in souls. Could do more than I ever could them. And so I went up to London. One in shop window in Charrette cross road and gas and rough mid measurements through the window. Bitar Ogle in it. I mean drooling. Yeah. The mouth. Built this Utah. Mahogany. Yeah. And it looked just like offend. I had sprayed gripe pink. Just like a pink that fend for pica's. I had a friend who worked for an electric guitar company burns guitar tells who just down the road from where I worked in Acton. And you know, he got. Yeah. You know, it was not one time out the billion Johnny cash. So the pick up immense. We manage got the proper machine heads and on my destroying, and it looked just like a friend. Fender guitar only. There was a little kind of snag that my friend guitar with just about. A lot bigger than the good. The window have been magnified Elizabeth and it weighed a ton hiding. Yes. But it works and it sounded okay? And we thought we could then go onto planes, some real proper wrote music pop songs rock music. We have one m everything went through one m. No Martin sang loud voices from and you're working you're doing Joe's doing clubs hearings. Then as that progression drone who might his first base. Guitar John Entwistle's zone was so he made his first base to he made his first bass guitar. I love this this whole element of of host for England could tell it's quite Squat coma. richard. I talked to him. I didn't know he made it. Yeah. A few of St. we will we will hungry..

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