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To got one. I got to i if you don't want to. Imos are still addictive in twenty twenty one. So don't tell me that be careful. Tell me why should play. Don't tell tell me. I prefer okay for real pro this game because i play i play as when it started I played like the first like three years or so at this game actually feels like it wants me to play So here's the thing ready. I started out as a black manage. Thought you don't be fun being read major. I just became red mitch. I'd have to make character. I didn't have to play a start over again. You just which class you can switch like busy. We're able to switch just because they're both mejia's. I'm a gun breaker now. So i got whatever weapon you're holding. That's yeah that's right. I thought instead it has gone break. I'm a gun breaker. Now so cool. But i mean i feel like that kind of works to your advantage. I in my mind. The reason you make a new character and you start from scratch. Is you learn all the intricacies of plane that class. So they're a very like destiny model that you have daily ru. Let's that go through all of the different dungeons and trials and stuff that you can do. So those are your cap down at the level against you can play through those. There's a ton of on my good job to do it. But they i if feels like they want you to play this game also. There's an entire like vegas area call the gold saucer where you can like your life where you can play triple triad get it. It's free i gotcha. Yeah let's pick it up. Yeah no it's fine. Come into the podcast from final fantasy fourteen. Yeah yeah i'm just saying we have a weekly stream. Play that game on new for work could you. Could you play with wall okay. This is a dumb commission. But i haven't played a lot so you can play with other people and gus were playing together. We just show coordinate. What server is. It doesn't work like that. we have to. So there's there's data centers and then the servers. In between as long as you're the same day center you can go back and forth between worlds and then when that when the expansion comes out even go across data centers. Now baby who has has every. Stop watching everybody gone now but we have tom bomba. You'll still here. Oh hell yeah well. Of course do you know. He's a white age. Every time i see myself on the monitor and i feel bad because this is jeff. Ramsey's shirts from his collections. Over the years this just looks like a guy holding a leaky dick right. I just realized it's not. it's a surfboard. Why does it drip or it's not a surfboard. It's one of those like But it really does just like a comey. That's on purpose right. It's gotta be because he is holding it where his crotch is someone and chat said. It looks like their wife's divorce attorney. I'm sure they were talking about me. I didn't. I didn't see who said it but someone in chat did say this. Tom neal bobby might have been. I've been playing Ghost of Shema visit the doctor set the kiss five version which i assume probably is thinks like an island and stuff. I never played it before. I just picked it up because it just released on the ps fife. That is a fun game. Like i totally missed that game when it came out but it is exactly the kind of game. I like where you can sneak around and like scouter base and like ceaseless rather than you see how you gonna approach it attack like you do a little bit of stealthy nece a little bit of diversion. Go in and murder everybody. My favorite thing about far cry three and four. Yes yeah always searching that look far cry. Three perfected that loops. I play that game for horizon was good for that too which horizon come up on an area and be like. Oh i'm gonna tell it until it will goes to. It's up they just go nuts killing everything now probably not doing all the side missions just like wandering around clinton. ps five. yes i had. Here's the same right class in fun. Fancy fourteen tell me more i was. I was complaining about my internet speed the other day to one of our co workers who whose internet speed slower and specifically i was talking about. Go to sushi like. Yeah i bought it. Digitally on my. Ps five and i went to download it. And it's like a sixty gigabyte game and it took ten minutes to download. And i was so pissed off that it took that long to download and they were like i downloaded four gigabytes the other day and it took me two hours was like oh i have a ridiculous internet connection. I just take for granted. Give it. Yeah gigabits newsletter. It was like ten minutes for sixty gigs. This is bullshit. I was so. Do you ever think about like the old porn days. And then you're like wow long way baby yeah. Are you going to get the tape. Sixty gig rich. I can you absolutely account so much. The world has i feel like every code england. You get around forty unless you're playing ridiculous for like about one hundred and austin has had a gig a gigabit connection north ten years now. Almost a decade is doubling it mental twenty to connect. So when i was thinking about my bitching about my internet connection i was thinking back to win. Cable modem first came out. In austin. I remember when they first rolled out. It was like ninety eight or ninety nine. I wanna ninety eight and they called it. it was time mortars. Call it roadrunner. Because it's really a fast runner. Antonio it was i think when they launched it was six megabits and then eventually bumped it up to eight megabits and when they first launched in beta here in austin if you wanted to get road runner you have to attend like a multi our class at time warner to learn how to use it and then when they gave it to you you could only plug it directly into one computer..

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