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I think he just that. They're laugh so hard never add anything to it. But it was watching him and Jonathan winners works, and they got so good that the Marie Callender started putting them in the middle table. Five dining, everyone watch of that was so funny. I would usually the salad bar, but they you know, they made money on me because I didn't want to get up to go back and get another place just thinking, I would miss something. Thanks that. Now, all three of those men are gone. I mean, it was just this is just a moment on Wednesday. We worked to get to that. Marie callender. Just so we could watch these men and one night one day, Louis Nye was there, and, you know, Alan connection, and I get up to go to college with one Steve Suns at I mean, you just take these guys now, and there they were just like the other gentleman said there are I believe it would maybe was bender also said to you last with your parents, it wasn't generational. I mean when Tim Conway senior and job and winter's going, I mean, even the way were like dropping stuff because everybody was laughing. So I love the idea that these people are all collecting recounter's to see these guys if it comes out of a job art every week. Some of the outfits job and winters where and then that would feed off for ten dad because he'd be like, oh, you look like, you know, a general from the Russian army, and then, you know, oh, no, my voice resonates. And then started. It's a great story met. Yeah. Yeah. I thank you so much for waiting to talk to us because that really is great. Tim's dad, Tim Conway lighting up the Marie calendar's. I love that. I just love that thought. So we're remembering Tim Conway tonight on this. Otherwise sad day. It's great to hear some great stories that make us laugh more. And we have some clips from Tim talking about his dad a one of which was how Dorf came to be. Yeah. We'll get we'll get that in there. Other Carson bits and pieces of the tonight show with with his dad on that. But emails listener tweets as well. We'll try to get to as many as we can. And the phone lines are open all night here on KFI's. We talk about Tim Conway, Mark Thompson here. KFI AM six forty. Here's ben. Tim's dad passed away this morning at a care facility here in LA. Conway won four Emmys for his work on the Carol Burnett show. A couple of more Emmys for guest appearances on thirty rock and coach he starred on.

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