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Know Gone is good. We're doing the most not the least. We literally are truly doing the most when I say like doing them. I mean y'all I started fucking exercising again. My inner vagina is so tight and not like sexually. Nothing about this sexual. I mean just like my inner Kwan's maybe I should have said quads set of China. I don't know it's all tight. It's all taught. We're getting there you know I'm just excited to feel like I'm moving my body again and truly yeah. I'm not going to sit here and be like oh vanity wise. I'm not trying to get in shape because I don't recognize myself anymore but honestly I realized when I exercise my anxiety is so much more. Chill so Pisces season is all about me. Living my truth I saw something online. Justin Bieber's apparently advises and this guy. This mean maker was talking about how horrific disease are Mike. No Bitch call me when you're Taurus. Okay Pisces were. We're chameleons. Were very go with the flow. Where dreamers were usually the people If you look on the Forbes of richest lists most of the people are prices. I'm just saying I'm fantastic. Speaking of me being fantastic. You know your girls made it when there's a celebrity blog where a couple of huskies. You know what actually I don't want to call them. Huskies because I use the has the word Hussy as a terminal. Dearmer these fucking little baby back bone marrow bitches Are Talking. Shit about you girl. I'm not even GonNa give the blog any room. I try and I'M NOT. I'm not gonNa Tell You. What the blogs name because. I'm sure you can find it but I went on there but you know you girls made it when people are talking shit and I got excited. One of my friends told me she said Said sent me the link and she's like Oh my God. This is where I think. Your phone number was leaked. It's not up there so don't worry but and I was cut diem. I Did a light google. I never do Google myself because it's always the dumbest shit and this woman said Jeff. I just don't get him. You laughed out loud so ard wine because go fuck yourself okay. I don't expect you to get Jeff because you don't put his penis inside of you. That's just for me Claire Okay. You shouldn't get him. I don't go over to your house. Look your husband fucking randy and say I don't get ready. Nobody gets randy. No one at his job gets him but we all keep our mouths shut the only person that I actively truly speak full shit on is Julian huff and if I saw I'm waiting to get her into the studio so we can sit face to face only because I feel like she's bamboozling. I don't like when people get taken advantage of. Do you know what I'm saying? I KEEP IT WRONG. I keep it real. I try and be very transparent and honest with y'all so I don't think at any point I just. I'm an open book but the funniest comment to me on this blog was just jeff. I don't get it I don't expect you to get it. Claire Shut the fuck up and jeff was like heather. Don't even look at that. Honestly it really made me laugh like babe we made it. We fucking made it dude. This is what you live for but I got a little taste of it. It was humbling. One Lady Fuck. Okay absolutely not. Let's just discuss this for a second along time ago. On the PODCAST. I said I was interviewing my friend. Jamie Greenberg and we've both gone through trauma. We both lost a loved one and I just want to say this today would have been my dad's sixty second birthday so I think it's very appropriate to bring this up. One lady mentioned the blog. She's like I guess. On one of my podcast episodes I had said listen. I don't have tolerance for people who say unimpressed. Anxiety when their life's going perfect we all have shit that's going on but I basically meant it in the sense at call me when you've been through some shit like at the end of the day we have to figure out a way to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and keep tracking. That is what I meant like Homey when you have just lost a loved one and you're in the thick of it then. Let's have that conversation. Trust me I deal with things. Icty I've I've had panic attacks on the road and things are going great. I do understand some of it but some ladies comedies. Like Heather isn't supportive of mental health. I literally WanNa find where this woman lives. Pullout her AZALEAS and then burn down the house. She didn't even really listen to the podcast. Even fucking get it. She's going on hearsay of what Claire said anyways. I don't know why bother me. I know this is the beginning of a lot of stuff. I'll soon get Paparazzi deep throat. And a fucking pinks hotdogs on the side of La Brea and that's when you know your girls made it but absolutely not to these house. What are you doing you sitting at home? I'm not a keyboard warrior who said and they tinkle Tanko and delay for you. They tinkle tangle on the Dan Ivory Keyboard and they don't show their face like bitch come up to be at the Beverly Glen Not Beverly Glen Beverly Grove Mall. Is it the Beverly Grove? What the fuck is called the Beverly Center the Beverly Center Beverly Beverly Center or the Grove? Okay what is it the Beverly Center? I like the Beverly Grove. I like you took the Beverly Center and the Grove and made your own destination. It's like Georgia. Everything is Petri at end. Like you just get it but in L. Ammos at what am I am I at the fucking Beverly Glen Grove Belair to? Somebody told me where I need to be anyways. I don't know come up to me. Let's have let's let's fuck and fight and then usually people see how Broadway shoulders are there like to fucking scare if I was fatigued if I was looking courtesy and I was like really tiny petite whatever. I couldn't handle the shit talking. I went to Thailand. Did I do Moi Tie? No did I watch it. Yes do I feel like I know how to execute the moves? One hundred ten percent doggy succumb at make no. Why say this psychopath? Just fucking nunchucks me while I'm Alec the Apple Store that's going to happen. Don't actually attack me I ask for it on the fucking podcast. You know in celebrity started doing that. Wrestling show like literally to celebrity boxing. Maybe I could fucking crush. But then pair me up with something. Like honey boo boos mom and Fox. She's on math. I did this a clean way. I didn't use. I didn't Royd fuck me and I didn't. You know hurt. My moneymaker you're no. I'm trying to get that glow up. And the biggest thing for me is starting with skin gear and starting with that could smooth perfect Palette. You Know Picasso couldn't paint a portrait. Did He do portrait? I don't know what he did? But because couldn't start painting unless he had a clear base and that's why I'm obsessed with the Milky Jelly cleanser. Which is one of Garcia's top selling products and this is why I'm obsess weeding belly. What is your Dream Vase? Wash one honey. Is a Milky Jelly cleanser? I have been using this domestic era. I can never get off the bottom of my lashes and literally when you wash your face six thousand times with the next morning you still wake up looking like crew eligible slash. You Know Alice Cooper. I started using the Milky Jelly cleanser and literally can get anything off.

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