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Council i i yeah i i don't know how you feel erste i'm jordan goodman this year i just feel like i'm hyperventilating i can't i'm not sure if i'm hyperventilating come excited about making more money or i feel like i don't have enough money to get investing i usually disgracing thing that you spin a wheel in the room but you know and i love when you're here i you called me spontaneously like men saw wag what he them like hey i on recording studio yeah that's right you know and then we jump on the air so for you listening around the world you're so lucky because there are a lot of people and there are people come on that you money shows for this but it's different because you are so eclectic and you are living it so we have talked about everything over the years from really making sure like a lot of you out there think like a network marketing as the scam but i can antisomething in the global economy if you go outside of america many people in many countries only survive because they have a product that they do in a small community somebody has the shampoo or somebody as the toothpaste somebody has whatever the but the model is a very good model when you find companies that really live to their truth so that was one of the things we talked as far as creating residual income that comes in when you're sleeping don't be foolish enough do your homework to say crypto we're going to talk about cryptocurrency people think yards a scam it's going to unite these people are getting ripped off but like you said we were desai said listen i'm i am all about learning about cryptocurrency i mean obviously kodak just came out in a with crypto corn or how corn and kept whatever it is an order quarter yeah right and so dark where from six to thirteen eat it literally reposition code afsouth fourteen hundred so there's a lot of some of them are not gonna make of obviously but the but the concept of cryptocurrencies is not going to disappear it's going to get bigger disciplinary for he doesn't even know what could colonels cryptocurrency is a virtual global method of exchange where you can.

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