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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may allow for more schools to reopen during the pandemic. The agency is now recommending that students on Lee need to stay three FT. Apart in classrooms if they're wearing masks, Sam Whitehead from member station W. A B reports, the CDC had previously recommended. Six FT. A number of recent studies led to the updated guidance, says agency head Dr Rochelle Walensky. Layered mitigation strategies, including strict use of masks among students and distance of at least Three ft between students were common factors among the schools. In these studies that demonstrated decrease transmission from covered 19. The guidance says Elementary school students should be at least three FT. Apart for middle and high school. That's the case on Lee. If kids can cohort with the same group of piers and teachers, and if community spread is low. The previous recommendation of six FT was a barrier to many schools opening for in person learning for NPR News. I'm Sam Whitehead in Atlanta. A bipartisan group of lawmakers have returned from a visit to the southern border and made a rapid surge of migrants traveling to the U. S. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy visited a border processing facility in El Paso, Texas, where he said hundreds of Children were packed into big open rooms Right now, these kids, they're staying. You're too long in detention centers were gonna work. I'm getting them. Additional resource is so that we can process these kids and get them in the HHS care rather than DHS care as quickly as possible. Some lawmakers are calling on President Biden to do more to ensure safe access to it. Asylum for young people at the border. The White House this week said it's working to increase temporary housing units and working with Mexico to help stem the flow of migrants from Central America. Organizers of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo say international Spectators will not be allowed to enter the country because of the pandemic. MPR's Anthony Kuhn reports. International Olympics Committee chief Thomas Bach told a virtual meeting of organizer's that their top priority should be protecting participants in the Games and the people of Japan. And then, he added, will require sacrifices and understanding. A statement from the organizer is noted that the covert 19 situation in Japan and around the world remains challenging. Variants of the disease or emerging in the international travel remains severely restricted. Japanese media report that about 4.5 million Olympic tickets have been sold through a domestic lottery in about one million have been sold overseas. Overseas volunteers will also be shut out unless they can speak languages or have skills in short supply in Japan. Anthony Kuhn NPR NEWS Seoul, This is NPR. Live from KQED News and Kate Wolf, the West Contra Costa Unified School District and labor unions have reached a tentative deal to allow some students to return to class in April. The plan prioritizes students who required the most help, including Ling, English language learners, foster youth and students who need mental health support. Superintendent Matthew Duffy, then happy to finally Our school buildings get open. I'm disappointed that we're not able to provide more to our students for this last part of the school year, Duffy says he's hopeful that by mid August, all students will be able to return to school in person. California has set a record number of registered voters more than 22 million. Kate Judy's Brian what has more on new data from the secretary of state's office. In the last four years, California has added more than 2.7 million voters to the Rolls. Secretary of State Charlie Webber says that is 88% of the eligible population. Jumped from 78% 4 years ago. In the latest tally, 46% of California voters are registered Democrats, Republicans and no party preference have been in a seesaw battle for most of the rest. Two years ago, No party preference was winning. But this go round, Republicans pulled ahead with 24.1% to no party preference is 23.7%. I'm Brian..

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