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Got feel like we have a shot in a seven game series against either of those teams because that do quite leonard is that he's the best player in the conference right if he comes to immediately he's the best player you know what i think he saw the last year we saw the why the postseason is dude who could take over in a way that i did not know that he could think about that game to memphis series right now and i think throughout the better they need a better pr representative people need to know outside of the socialized medicine you're paying for exactly papa john back in our apec university of louisville presidents neely benda pootie said yesterday the school is value waiting the naming rights to papa john's cardinal stadium this comes after john schnatter papa john resigned from the company after use the n word in a conference call but the story gets tricky after you learned that louisville's naming rights deal for the stadium is with schnatter himself at not the company papa john's will body please help me big sense of what is happening first of all i feel like we have to take that as bit that every day papa john had one foot out the door of papa john's because he was preparing winning something else yeah and he was taking the naming rights with them so now they are stuck this is the most awkward naming rights situation i can think of since enron when they collapsed you went out of business scandal but they were current on their account with the astros so then to figure out something they were doing with the name but in the end enron was a company sports authority went bankrupt they had the name of rights at mile high in the end though that was a company this is a dude this is what right and he ends a guy that likes to have his naval stuff that there's a possibility it won't be papa john's cardinal stadium it'll just be john stadium and what can they do if he keeps the account current right because in fact i don't know if he has i don't know the copyright regulations around whether you can even call themselves papa john anymore i don't know but john schnatter stadium is is is something we were talking about what's worse than a statue of jerry richardson building in some ways having to go to john schnatter's personal pizza stadium is way worse just because it's absurd and it runs till twenty four yes i didn't even know this country will exist twenty will basically runs until he dies and he's a guy that likes to have his name of stuff his name is on stuff all over the place like he's very similar to jerry richardson in there here's the thing though they took his name off the wall of fame if his hometown if i believe it's jeffersonville indiana i went on the wiki i check who else is from jeffersonville indiana and he was the easily the most famous person and he's like his name is on the jim they took his name down your hometown for that nobody even was trying to be like we'll get to say you know they just took his name off the wall and it is worth revisiting because i was trying to figure out exactly what he did and how this all played out and immoral way and the group was undergoing a role playing exercise meant to prepare for public relations challenges at schnatter was asked how he would separate himself from racist groups online quote colonel sanders called blacks and words he said so several questions what autumn ru spot but you don't seem to be morally horrified by that well no no he wasn't calling people in words i wanna get him that credit because my follow up question of course is colonel sanders cold blacks and we're i don't because when i tried to google this i did confirm the colonel sanders was a real guy and all that which was all he didn't know he didn't fully appreciate that but the second thing i learned with that it's really hard to find down and colonel sanders but real guy ever did all the google searches resulted in this guy saying that he was born in eighteen nineties with colonel sanders.

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