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Caught offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Off-side from the Upper West side of in hat, Andrew gumming, J J Advani, what's up. I was a nice. Oh, yes. Considering you feel a bit under the weather. Yeah. I wasn't gonna bring that up though. Because I don't want to. Selling whiny, baby. No. But I will say if there's a lag in energy won't become there won't be me won't be. You do look a little bit. I know it's not good. It's not good. But it's it's nothing coming out of the Bom Bom nothing coming out of the mouth, right cold. Yeah. Hopefully, that's all this, right? I wasn't talking about any of this. And now you've made me out into this. Just weak. Solis figure. What would you have preferred we open with Brexit? I wanna just hope we would start talking about soccer and sports. All right. This sports really like. Sports will put you on a real roller coaster. I know we know that but just like your weekend this weekend was wild saved kind of like the Manchester. United win over Spurs was probably taught them most gut wrenching loss of the shorn. And then the the eagles happened. And like I'm ready after the eagles to just check out on sports teams. I'll do that mainly for the when the eagles play off when their season ends. I sometimes feel like you know, what I need two weeks. I binge watch shows like I don't want to even watch sports centre. Whatever now happen to work in sports. So it's hard to do this. But I was like you know, what Monday night. Syracuse is playing Duke. As a Syracuse grad. Someone who's obsessed with the team. I gotta watch. I would I'd hate myself forever. If they lost that game. And then they go and beat Duke Indu in overtime. It was like one of the greatest games ever seen sports will just it's what's great and terrible about sports all at once. Just when you thought you were out they pull you back in. Yeah. And now I'm back in and now I'm watching everything again like like at all never felt guilty being happy yesterday after the Syracuse game because I was like the eagles deserve more of a period of mourning now because you're still reflecting upon the fact that you are reigning Super Bowl champions for another weeks. I wasn't angry. But I was really really kinda like it was a heartbreaking loss. I was heartbroken for spars who we're gonna talk about that. Oh, boy that was that was something. I don't wanna look I know that this is not a Tottenham podcast is a general soccer podcast. Try to have like a tone of of bitterness over at Manchester United fans, listen to podcasts just as much as Tottenham fan. We take down the down the middle OG is you're calling him on the run down. I can't type I you could ask me ten times to spell the last name soul Shire, and I might spell it differently on all ten of those times. Let's GS. Everybody knows what we're talking about. Klay tizzy used to say it differently. Original original gangster, soc our soul Shire. And then when he scored fell Shiraz done it. Yeah. So, yeah, we're gonna talk about him and whether or not momentum is starting to build in his favor to potentially permanently become the manager of Manchester, United, obviously, we're gonna talk about David heya and kind of a performance for the ages at Wembley the other day. We'll talk about it from Spurs perspective. Because not only did they lose a game that they probably felt like they should have one. They also lost their best player, and they didn't just lose him. They lost him for a while. And that is bad that is bad. Bad news bears. And we're gonna talk about to heya we're going to Pedder check even talking about Sunderland because they're making waves here in the United States with the Netflix documentary central until I die with David Preece who will be back on the program shortly red card man of the match. I'm really feeling good JJ about my red card and my man of the match. I'm feeling good about the mailbag because there was a lot of tasty things were thrown up ruin Ave Lampert. Jared watch OMO enter I better start looking for it. I found it. Well, it's mostly going to be a Lampert. Watch our rather who was watching him. On gerard..

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