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That. He's the right kind of scrappy guy that you want to have a nickel or make. It just gives you more hundred percent what you're saying there. There's just a lot of upside in mingka's a fabulous example of the n._f._l. Wants right now in its secondary those fill in the blank type players. You know whereas like whatever you need. That guy can give you need. Tackling mingka's got it. You need speed on the back end mingka's. He's got it. You need <hes> advanced reaction skills and a guy reza game at a very high level patrick so i i mean not a lot of holes in his game outside of. I guess you'd say size. <hes> the speed is is very good in my opinion because i mean he's a four for a guy in with his ability to read and react. I mean he plays fast but i mean he's the kind of guy that you think thing about a player with his skill set at that position. Though a guy who identified as a nickel corner for a lot of teams ed do doesn't go in the first around in what outside of within the past ten years maybe maybe even even sooner those guys that were highly coveted in the beginning around two and whatnot but those swiss army knives now guy especially on on the back end there and you're seeing it to <hes> when they can go ahead and <hes> like damn buchanan i think of in terms of being able to play linebacker as well or that that really undersized linebacker role <hes> but that's a a highly coveted skillset now day on buchanan in a lotta ways might be sort of the what i don't want to say the pioneer but the guy kinda set the set the trend in motion of like well is this guy sky in the secondary subdued someone who's just an undersized linebacker. What are we doing here. Either either him or mark barron when mark barron came out once they moved him to that kind of like covers linebacker occur kind of skill set but they definitely pave the way for a lot of these guys like mike darwin to come in and have that of career and the only the thing i'd say about mark baron is he was supposed to be a pro bowl safety. A draft add told me as much when when that when tampa made that pick that his what what do you say is ceiling is a pro pro bowl safety his floors approachable safety yeah yeah i mean in that time period. It made sense to where you still. Oh had dudes that were in rock people <hes> but like he just kind of caught the bad timing of the transitional period <hes> so i think mark bernes drafted six years earlier. That's probably true. Statement just came out at the wrong time at a transition point boy in the n._f._l. Where he adapted and became a pretty good linebacker..

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