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I know he was because I was watching him throw a right hand to jab. It's just that I never liked to make mistakes. So I'm always, I'm always making sure. But in the meantime, pedraza came out showing that dimension to him, you know, where he could do more trousers on pedraza on box rec as listed as an orthodox fighter. All right, then maybe I wonder if let's see. I wonder if I want the switching back to be switched. Yeah, he may have slippers. They're both listed as orthodox center. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he switched. But I'm almost positively switched southpaw. And the fans will right away will they will send messages to you, Ken, and say, yeah, teddy was right. He did swear, or teddy was wrong. But either way, we, he was, he was able to do as I said, he's got more in his toolbox. So he could do more. But Comey is a game strong, and he had the physical edge. More physicality, better punch a more explosive. And he turned it around. Early on, he took a little control that fight called me, where he timed some beautiful love talks. The commentators were talking right here, right there, right? And listen, rightfully so, the right hander called me as well known. He does damage with that. But he did damage with the love talk. Maybe that was smart because he knew what drugs would be looking for the right hand tool. And sure enough to experience call me he went in a time of good love talks, he shook up, put drasa. He took control of the fight. And quite frankly, Ken pedras call me was fighting with more urgency, like early, like he knew this was life and death for him like you said for bob fighters. They had the windows fight to get back to another title fight. And he really showed it. Comey was fighting with that urgency. And then something happened. I don't remember what round to 6 rounds somewhere around there. There was a head clash. And it changed the temple. It changed the temple dramatically. We all of a sudden put brazza, who had been boxing and having his spots back and forth, but all of a sudden he took control. The temple went his way. The rhythm of the fight when his way after the head clash will call me got a cut over his left eye. And it was bleeding into the eye a little bit distracted with a little bit and he took advantage of it. And he started to take control. And he took control of the fight and to the 8th round. And then call me. That's what made it such a good fight, though. Ebbs and flows back and forth. Call me came back and call me to control the 8th. Then the night round draws and came back and puts her took back control. And I don't put crowds who took that control to the Ted Brown and then call me the game game call me. They're both game. But call me made a run at him and what a gentleman call me is. They both are. They both conduct themselves the way you want fighters to conduct themselves in and outside the ring as gentlemen as well as fighters. And at the end of the round towards the end of the round, call me made a run. And he tightened it up a little bit. I thought pedrosa is still wondering around. I had pedraza, probably with an edge in a fight, but you know what? It turned out to be a draw. I'm not arguing. You hear me argue a lot of times about the decisions. And I say it passionately. I say with my heart and soul, you know, because it matters. It matters when they robbed these freaking kids. But this one, I also say, I don't, I don't really have a problem with a draw. Like I said, maybe a little edge to put draws up, but the way the fight had ebbs and flows back and forth, I'm comfortable with the draw in that fight. And both fighters probably are because they got to they got to stay execution of your will. You know, I'm just like, it was a must win for both. And now they get another shot. Maybe at a rematch or whatever. The one thing I want to add to this. I've been in this business 50 years and obviously I love the business and I love what it's all about. I just don't love the administration of the business, the people who run it outside. But the fight is, I love my respect for my caring about them. I think we ought to, and ESPN. That's why I used to call ballistic when they rob a kid because I knew the dangers that they face. I knew like I used to say that every time they got to ring, they were getting out of the ring with Muslims themselves. And along those lines can I want to say that Comey took a real big beating in his last fight with lomachenko. He really did. I know lowman cycle don't punch like tank Davis, but he's a hell of a fighter, however technician, a hell of a busy fighter. He hits you cleaning. It's just solid he's a two time gold

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