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Michael Isikoff chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo news. I'm Dan cliven editor in chief of Yahoo news, all right, climbing. Let's stipulate we're gonna get a lot of shit for this show. I mean, having Coulter and Coursey on two characters who I'm sure most of our listeners feel are two of the more unsavory characters in the Trump era both of whom played key roles. But look, you know, we like to expose skulduggery listeners to all perspectives and as many characters as we can in the unfolding saga of Donald Trump's presidency. And of course, he and Coulter are interesting on two levels one both helped to shape Donald Trump's political views Coursey with his ridiculous birtherism 's that inspired Trump in two thousand eleven and put them on the political map Coulter in two thousand sixteen with her book audio summarily about the threat of Mexicans coming across the border and more recently both the play. In a role Coursey a key player. He's a person number two in the Roger stone indictment, and he's got some interesting material that we're going to talk to him about. And of course, Coulter and the government shutdown. Yeah. Look the criticism is always don't give these people with their vile views and their conspiracy theories platforms. But the reality is in this social media aid. They already have platforms. I don't know how many Twitter followers and Coulter has but millions or something huge numbers, and that's an unfiltered platforms. She gets to just be out there and spread her message to whoever she wants to this is filtered. You know, we will ask tough questions, and we will expose as as you say the other thing is just to your last point. However improbable is it may be these two characters are influential and important. And as I think we'll find out Jerome Corsi is a key witness in the Muller investigation has brought to bear. New facts new insights into that investigation where it's going and Coulter has enlarge ways driven Donald Trump's most important and controversial policy. We would would Eddie would criticize us if we put, you know, Stephen Miller honor Steve Bannon on when he was in the White House. Stephen Miller, arguably is a functionary compared to an culture in terms of influence on immigration. We don't have to be that defensive because I do I'm getting I'm preempting criticism. Yeah. Well, we're going to get it. But look, you know, there is also a sort of a delicious den of thieves aspect to this. You know, they're all turning on each other as we'll discuss with Coursey. Roger stone is calling him a liar and a drunk, and of course, Coulter, and and Trump are going at it which will explore with Coulter. But before we get there just a couple of other items, which I want to bring up a number one got a fascinating Email just last night from our skulduggery guests Steve Cohen, the new conger. From Tennessee, the new chairman of the constitutional law subcommittee who shared with me and invite he just got from the Kuwaiti embassy on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of the state of Kuwait requests, the pleasure of your company at a grand reception guess where the Trump hotel in Washington talk about the emoluments issue, which is right before the federal courts right now, judgment SETI and Maryland is given it the green light to go ahead. And this is the foreign governments pouring money into Trump's business raising questions about whether the constitutionality of that. And here we have evidence it's going on as we speak the lawsuits, notwithstanding the Trump hotels still taking business from a foreign government to the Kuwaitis invite you Mike, I did not get that invite. But you know, maybe go crash the play. Well, it was another skulduggery in which we talked about you getting an invitation from the Saudi him as he four. Saudi Arabia's national. Yes. Yes. Yes. That got canceled because it was the week that the kashogi murder was blowing up then the other just other item which I want to quickly vent about because we've talked about it talked about last week. We've talked about a couple of weeks whether we are going to get public hearings from the new Democratic Congress about the Russia investigation itself and key witnesses..

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