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Please welcome our new best friend so that's like a smells like teen spirit yeah notes but you seem to be i should say you seem pleased with it oh yeah you know lamb because i think i mean i can understand again going about something you said about creep and radiohead understand sitting would be horrified if this was used in something like the rick rolling thing but i'm not as attached to that so means to certain people as to others somebody from my generation if somebody says to me that was a wedding song then that really means something because i'm fifty two married i get it again what that means we've got was the life and i but using an rick while he's just a phone it's not always a painting yeah depending so i'm no i can tell you that it's not it's not a big deal could have been anybody so it just happened to be that because that whoever started the video was cheesy know for whatever it was yeah have you been grilled i i was written world right in the beginning by a friend who lives in america i i had no idea what he was doing i know so youtube to be i don't have long been around but rick rolling spin around eight nine ten years something like that so youtube was there but it hadn't of taken over as the goto thing to see video of anything this ever been recorded so i didn't really grasp what was going on anyway the idea of sending somebody link that was actually video was still in its infancy i think so i had no idea what was doing in the end i actually called him and said what the hell you you know i wanna play this interview for every band who comes in roles there is whenever we talk about their hit you know this is what it's like to be a piece of something like that i wanna play some new rick ashley right now take a listen to this sometimes.

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