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So keep in mind the initial ask was going to be near a billion Indie chamber, comes back and says no we've looked, through it even mind Bernard elected to be the school board people care about their taxes a little bit I'm not sure how much the indie chamber actually cares about their taxes but they. Said we've looked through it we think one hundred million. And will will Ethan, sign onto, you violating the. Constitutionally, imposed tax caps by. One hundred million and, Farabi screw that we're going. For three hundred and. Fifteen million so I actually read this and I laugh Because this. Quote from Al? Hubbard who's one of the people, with the chamber steady group, here's what, he. Said I'm going to read this in my my best reading voice I was sorely disappointed in IBS proposal I. Think, it's very unfair to the tax payer according to star let me read that to, you, I was sorely disappointed IBS is. Proposal Hubbard said it's very unfair to. The taxpayer No MR Hubbard what you and. Your goons at the indie chamber were attempting to do was unfair to, the taxpayer you, know what his spirit, of the tax payer the constitutionally imposed tax caps seventy two seven two percent of the people said should not only be a law but should be put into the Indiana constitution now you. And your little country club buddies at the Indie chamber. For, the most part of never found a tax increase they wouldn't oppose dot you're going to be cute that you. Were going to? Play club sport that you were, going to try to go, along to, get. Along so you'd be liked it all the social functions because heaven forbid you actually abide by the Indiana constitution. And you thought you were going to play nice with Well you're getting exactly what you deserved The people have spoke on this issue and every year in an increased. And, alarming frequency. School corporations are going. Oh that's. Nice, that's in the constitution that's funny no we bet we can use kids. As, human shields and guilt more people we we bet we can guilt fifty point one. Percent of our population into convincing him they hate kids. If they don't violate their constitutional rights and, so I- PS is taken a beginning but but what gambler they really taking if you think. About, it because let's say it fails Which I think it will next, year. They can come back again they. Can ask for a little bit, less than go out we we we've, paired it down we've, paired it down now orlansky for two hundred fifty million look at the money. You're saving. Yourselves and if it. Fails again and by the way you think I'm. Joking schools school districts across the state done the strategy edits worked can't blame him it's. Worked if you don't give a darn about the Indiana constitution. This is a. Great strategy then you come back the next year and go wow now we'd be trip to dealt Samore were suffering so bad worldly asking for two. Hundred, mil above. Concert totally opposed tax. Gaps and. Eventually, it'll pass because you wear people down people in their normal lives say..

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