High-heel Crocs shoes are selling out. Really


It depends upon what the meaning of the. Word is This anything Hammer how do? We play is? This anything I got a couple of stories in front, of me. Big Niger I'm going to run them. By you what is? Your job your civic duty to inform all. Of us if this story is anything or not something worthy, of discussion a second thought or if it's a whole bunch. Of nothing is this anything producer return that down to give me some real mood music here Lacey DC never go back enrolling noise pollution According to a biology professor at Mississippi, State rock and. Roll. Was. Actually noise pollution despite what ACDC thanks okay This professor play, different kinds of music for, ladybugs and plants. And if these ladybugs heard rock music day eight fewer of things if they heard quired abuse they behave better. So. He found the same result with actual noise pollution like, recordings city and people honking their horns and traffic yeah if this is what my kids can expect learning college I'm just gonna fly to Vegas, now and blow. Their. Tuition Dummy wimp PC college professor I do I'm actually going to prove that rock music is. Indeed, noise pollution and I'm going to start a petition regulate, rock music because ladybugs aren't getting enough nutrition in their life No nothing And you know that's exactly how that professor sounded. Like two that's exactly what he sounded like lady bugs aren't eating right because the, rock music I'm going to start a petition voted for. Chuck, Schumer Titian my Senator to regulate Rochman Is this. Anything boxer Floyd Mayweather junior top the Forbes celebrity one hundred. List of the highest paid entertainers he made two hundred. Eighty five million dollars a cashier George Clooney came in. Second with two hundred and, thirty nine, million Megan know. Movies two. Hundred three hundred million that's his the kiva company sold off its tequila company didn't? They made a bunch of that why didn't we think of the way we get into the? Tequila businesses in the radio business my friend I've been in the. Tequila business for a long time Drinking drinking it his business businesses good there's nothing worse than? That that, warm well tequila you'd go order at the college bars Just the, war like I, can't. Drink tequila I'll do I'll. Do like. Chilled, silver avion type the Milagro tequila love blocks Oh man. Put that stuff in the freezer get. It nice and frosty even Cuervo silver but the boy the yellow stuff I can't I will throw that. Right back up if I take. A warm shot at the Quila I'm a fun guy to. Be around when I've had I'm a blast. To be around I'm. Looking at this list of the highest paid entertainers fulsome Floyd Mayweather is on top George Clooney seconds, judge judy's in there the rock is in at number five with one hundred and twenty four. Million u two and Coldplay both. At the six and seven spot you to made one. Hundred eighteen million dollars last, year Coldplay made one hundred and fifteen Ed Sheeran a. Hundred and ten are you kidding me Ed Sheeran made Herndon. Million just off I tuned sales alone anybody. That gets married has. To have Ed Sheeran music as a wedding DJ I'm telling you cocktail hour first dances Ed Sharon, was made for that kind of stuff is this anything last one there's a new line of. High heels coming out from crocks You know crocs right the little sandals like looking things rubber sandals look like a. You know the middle aged fat white dude like me where. With white tube socks? And shorts right not only to the. Beach but like to. The grocery store to the movie yeah there's high heels coming out from. Crocs they're supposed to sell for eighty bucks but. Right now I'm seeing them go for about. Three times that amount on? Amazon look at him right here two hundred and twenty dollars All for lady high heeled crocs no this is. Nothing, so what does the beautiful missile Lindsey do if you say Honey I bought. You gift a spat two hundred and thirty dollars on it I know you're gonna love it she's got a. Copy of the divorce papers Back pocket at all times is ready to go coming up next we will play, back a pretty. Fun phone call we got last hour we're gonna play him, again, the crazy liberal Bob liberal Bob we will hear from him and we. Got some legal stuff it's all. Coming up after the news with STAN Lear IPC mobile news on the level on the.

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