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Just keep your mouth shut. People who ruined their reputation had stellar reputations and then ruined it. Bill Cosby, Lance Armstrong, Jared Fogle from subway. He's still in jail. He's still in jail, yeah. Has Lance Armstrong been able to scrape together anything in terms of his reputation or career. What is Lance Armstrong do these days? Max, you might know. You know, I really followed. I really don't know. The one thing about him is he's never been really contrite, and I think that people have a tendency to want to forgive people that are. And it's just not in his nature to be that way. So I think he has a bit of a struggle trying to do anything where public perception comes into play. Yeah. Mel Gibson, he's still struggling from all of the anti semitic stuff that he was rolling out there. You know, this one shocked me probably more than the others. Michael Richards, who played Kramer and Seinfeld, he's doing a stand up, and it's not going well. It's in Los Angeles, and somebody got mouthy because the act was dying, guy was African American, and he went on a racist rampage. At this guy. And of course, everybody has phones, and everybody's rolling video on it. And he really has not recovered since then. Ever. Isn't that amazing ever? He was so lovable. My mother, my mother used to say he makes the whole show. That's Seinfeld show. It's all Kramer. People love you. You could almost make the case for him being the first victim of cancel culture. Think about it. Now that I'm thinking about that, yeah. Because he was never able to come back from that. I always thought that he would have become like the star of a detective show. The bumbling test tube was on a detective show where he was the star of the show. And it didn't work out. Now that was before the southern incident happened. But I do believe that may have even been called the Michael Richards show. I don't remember, but it seemed to me that he did something where he played some kind of a detective that was bumbling. I thought he as a Colombo detective. He would have been just perfect and people would have embraced him so much and loved it. So let me ask you, should we throw Will Smith into this? Ula base of people who ruin their own reputation and recover. I think it's too soon to say he won't recover, but I think that he definitely ruined his own reputation. The more time passes and the more that people reflect on this, the more time that you have to think about it and look at everything that went down. I think Tyler Perry said it best. Tyler Perry is good friends with both Will Smith and Chris Rock and Tyler Perry said, my everything, everything in me moved to my friend Chris Rock, but I also felt for my friend Will Smith, who is clearly going through something to have acted that way. Yeah, that's probably the best way if you're a friend of both to put it. There's honesty there. Time will tell. All right, we've got straight ahead. Morons, in the news, it's bob and sherry. Ladies and gentlemen. Here we go. It's bob and cherry. Don't be a moron. With morons in the news. We have a first in morons in the news. We have never in all the years we've been doing this feature featured anyone who did this crime. His name is Matthew Molly. He is 32 years old. He is from prince Albert area in Canada. So it's Canadian story. He is charged with theft. He is charged with uttering threats and he is charged with assault with a weapon. And you say bob, you've had those in morons in the news. No, no, no, because the theft that he's charged with, he stole a house. He stole a house. The house. The Royal Canadian modded police are looking for a house and the believe that this guy stole the house. The home was on a trailer in preparation for being moved. Have you ever seen a house that's about to be moved and they have it? They have it on risers and then I don't know, they get some sort of a truck and they bring the truck in and then in the middle of the night they move the house, they have to take down in some cases telephone poles. This was a small house and really the place is kind of falling apart, but it's somebody's house. It went missing at midnight between midnight and 1230 in the morning. House just disappeared and hasn't been seen since as part of the investigation police say, as I was mentioning in altercation happened between an adult man and the house's owner just before it was stolen. And they believe that Matthew Molly, 32 years old, got so mad at this guy not only did he try to assault him, he went away and he said, I'm coming back. And I'm going to take your house. And that's where we are right now. It seems like a tricky thing to hide and defense. Yes. Like sooner or later, I feel like you're going to get caught. Yeah. Mush got a lot of land, yeah. That leads us to today's moron of the day out of New York City, a gang of these broken into a home and stole the keys to a $400,000 dollar convertible, Rolls Royce dawn. I don't know what that is, but it's nearly half a $1 million, so it's clearly nice. This happened in Staten Island. They threw a rock through the window in the middle of the night. Snatched the keys and took off. But here's what they didn't realize. They didn't realize that, yeah, the owner had surveillance video. That's not surprising. The vehicle has a kill switch. And the owner was able to deploy the kill switch and you know what happened then? The car goes no more. Car stops, no more room on car. Now they are stranded in their $400,000 convertible Rolls Royce dawn. And they had no idea that there was going to be a kill switch. They couldn't turn it on. The owner then drove to Newark where the car was stuck and picked up his car in person. He said, obviously, my family's a little bit unnerved by everything that's gone on, but nobody was hurt and we got the car back. And that is. That is how the kill switch works. And that is morons in the news coming up. We have comedian Chris Monti. We have guilty pleasure songs. We have the nightmare that is flying right now, the bob and cherry box office and more. This is bob and cherry. It's the bob and sherry off air podcast called the odd cast. Podcasting. Broadcast with stuff we wouldn't or shouldn't do on the regular show. The Bobb and cherry podcast drops every Monday and Friday. With uncensored conversations, special guests and true crime time. I'm sorry, but it's absolutely true. Bob and sherry off air podcast. The oddcast. We got a big podcast to do here. Get it now on the free bobbin sherry app, bob and sherry dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. She's done it again. Sherri lynch named one of the most influential women.

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